10 Apps like JuiceDefender Battery Saver


Battery charging is the still the unfixed issue in most of the smartphones. To enables the smartphone users in managing the battery of their mobiles, JuiceDefender is an available application that lets the smartphone users to manage the power of their devices in order to get the ultimate purpose of managing the battery power. In addition to managing the power of the entire device, JuiceDefender lets the users extend the battery life of their smartphones as well. JuiceDefender is one of the best alternatives to Battery Doctor. Following are the stunning alternatives to JuiceDefender.

1. GO Battery Saver &Power Widget

Here comes the GO Battery Saver &Power Widget, one of the best battery saver applications for Android devices. GO Battery Saver &Power Widget is regarded as the powerful and professional power manager. GO Battery Saver &Power Widget is one of the battery powers saving app that lets the Android users to manage the power of their device to extend battery life.

Platform: Android

2. Battery Saver

Battery Saver that is also known as the Battery Life Saver is an application that will give you full command on every single voltage and power of your battery. Battery Saver is regarded as such a battery life saver that can even extend the battery life of the smartphones up to 50% by detecting the apps and settings draining the power of the device.

Platform: Android

3. Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor that is also known as the Kingsoft Battery Doctor is another great battery management application for your iDevices. Battery Doctor is regarded as the perfect one application for protecting the battery effectively. Battery Doctor provides the exact power level and remaining time in a perfect estimation. Moreover, Battery Doctor is totally free.


4. Greenify

The best way of extending the battery life is to control those applications and settings that are running in the background without any reason. So, here comes the Greenify that enables the users to monitor all those applications and settings that are running in the background and draining the power of the battery. In that way it saves the power of the battery.

Platform: Android

5. Battery Dr. Pro

Battery Dr. Pro is a battery saver application that is based on the advanced battery saving technologies. Battery Dr. Pro lets the users manage the power of their iOS devices with real-time statistics that are based on perfect estimation and are accurate too. Battery Dr. Pro shows the leftover battery timing for performing each individual function.


6. 2 Battery

Here comes the 2 Battery, an application for managing the power of your smartphone by using its flexible and intuitive features and functions. The best about 2 Battery is that it is integrated with the automated function that automatically controls the power of the battery. It has its own turn on/off algorithm that can reduce the battery consumption and extend the battery life.

Platform: Android

7. Battery Manager

As apparent from its name Battery Manager, Battery Manager is a battery management application that is used to managing the battery timing and extending its life too. The best about Battery Manager is that it shows the remaining time in a percentage mode and lets the users know for which function there is how much estimated remaining time.


8. System Status Lite

System Status Lite is the pack of actually two type of function. One function of the System Status Lite is related to the battery of smartphone and another function is the subset of functions for managing the entire iOS device. System Status Lite is an application for optimizing and monitoring the performance of iOS devices and extending its battery life too.


9. Battery Life Magic

Battery Life Magic is an application for maximizing the life of the battery by controlling its activities. The best about Battery Life Magic is that it displays the remaining usage time for all activities like time left in hour or minutes for talk on 2G, talk on 3G/4G, standby, data Wi-Fi, data 3G/4G/LTE, audio playback, video playback, use apps, FaceTime, 2D games, 3D games and much more.


10. DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver is a free battery saver and phone charges manager. DU Battery Saver lets the users manage the power of their battery and extend its life and time up to 50%. DU Battery Saver is integrated with battery charger stage feature that can easily solve the problems of the smartphones’ battery and extend its life too.

Platform: Android

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