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Safari browser is a web browser by the Apple just like a web browser. Initially, it was launched for the Mac OS X Panther, however, later one was launched for the iOS devices. The features of Safari are best browsing, high performance, high searching speed, Nitro JavaScript engine, thumbnails of over 24 websites, support for HTML5, support for CSS canvas & image retouching effects, and much more. For those who are looking for the alternatives to Safari are advised to check the list of available alternatives.

1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the web browser of Google Inc. It is the largest web browser being used across the globe. Google Chrome is also available for smartphones that let the users to safely browse anything in a high efficient and speed environment. The other features of Google Chrome are sync across devices, save data, voice search, translate system, intuitive features, and much more.

Platform: Android | iOS

2. Firefox web browser

Firefox browser is the web browser by Mozilla. Recently it was also released for the iOS devices as well. Just like its desktop version, Firefox also lets the mobile users make searches in a fast and secure environment. Firefox is for those who wants a safe and private environment for searching by maintaining their privacy.

Platform: Android | iOS

3. Opera Mini

Opera Mini is yet another powerful, safe and fastest web browser. It is integrated with almost all those features that are assumed to be crucial for a better searching experience. Opera Mini is a dedicated web browser for mobile by the Opera Browser. Opera Mini works almost on almost all phone and enables the users in saving their data limit for free.

Platform: Android | iOS | Windows Phone

4. UC Browser

UC Browser is a web browser that is available for almost all type of smartphones and mobile operating systems. UC Browser lets the users watch online videos and stream online digital media content in a fast and secure environment. The available features of UC Browser are fast and secure, ad block system, Facebook mode, integrated downloader, night mode, etc.

Platform: Android | iOS | Windows Phone

5. Dolphin

Dolphin is a web browser that is available for smartphone and tablets. Dolphin is a free to use web browser for experiencing next level of browsing. Dolphin lets the users surf in a highly customizable settings environment. The other features that are the part of the Dolphin are voice control, gesture control, sharing and much more.

Platform: Android | iOS

6. Puffin

Puffin is a lightweight yet powerful and fast web browser for smartphones. Just like its name, Puffin provides the searching and exploring speed of a real puffin. The best about Puffin is that various third party apps are already integrated into it, so, users are not required to go for separate paid apps. Adobe flash, PDF reader, downloader, and many other things are already integrated into Puffin.

Platform: Android | iOS

7. Maxthon Browser

Maxthon Browser is a safe and secure web browser for almost all mobile devices and operating systems. Maxthon Browser provides a new searching experience to the user. The best about Maxthon Browser is that it is an HTML5 supported web browsers. Other features of Maxthon Browser are sharing files, downloading data, integration with cloud storage, PDF reader, etc.

Platform: Android | iOS | Windows Phone

8. Yandex.Browser

Yandex.Browser is developed by the Russian search engine Yandex. Yandex is the largely used search engine in Russia. Yandex.Browser is developed by the using the technology of Chromium and it is an open source web browser. Moreover, translation system, Adobe flash, HTML5 support, downloading, WebGL, antivirus supports, etc. are already integrated into Yandex.Browser.

Platform: Android | iOS

9. iBrowser

iBrowser is a free web browser for iDevices only. iBrowser is integrated with high-tech and advanced browsing features. iBrowser is regarded as one of the best browsers for iOS operating systems. The main features of iBrowser are dimensional bar code reader, full-screen mode, customizable interface, unlimited tabs, background load, fast tab switching, etc.


10. Browser & Web Explorer

Browser & Web Explorer is a browser that lets the users open any website from your smartphone. Just install Browser & Web Explorer and enjoy a simple, fast speed and intuitive searching experience. The technical features of Browser & Web Explorer are fast speed, set the list of favorite websites, navigation system, privacy, full-screen mode, etc.

Platform: Android

11. CM Browser

CM Browser is a fast and secure web browser that lets the users of smartphones search in a malicious free and fraud protection environment. Saying this well not be wrong that every page search by the CM Browser displayed on the smartphone screen after completely scanned by the CM Browser. CM Browser is best for safe and secure browsing.

Platform: Android

12. Cheetah Browser

Cheetah Browser is basically CM Browser for the iOS. Actually, CM Browser is available for the iOS devices by the name of Cheetah Browser. All other features and functions of Cheetah Browser are same as they are for CM Browser that is for Android mobile operating systems. Cheetah Browser also ensures the safety and security of internet searching.

Platform: iOS

13. Orfox

Orfox is actually a Tor browser for Android mobile operating systems. Almost all features and functions of Orfox are based on the features and functions of Tor web browser. That means, the users of Orfox can access any website and content available over the internet. Orfox actually works as a proxy web browser where nothing can be hiding more even it is blocked by the sensor authorities.

Platform: Android

14. DU Browser

Here comes another browser by the name of DU Browser for a brand new browsing experience. DU Browser offers you a high speed and advanced surfing environment where you can easily search about news, sports, and anything that you wants. In addition to simply browsing, DU Browser displays the news highlights and other informational and entertaining stuff.

Platform: iOS

15. KK Browser

KK Browser is a fast and secure browser. The best about KK Browser is that whenever the it displays the information about the desired search key, that information displayed on the phone screen after getting filtered from the best antivirus. In that’s way, KK Browser ensures the privacy of the users and the security of their mobiles.

Platform: Android

16. AllInOneBrowser

AllInOneBrowser is a brand new powerful browser that integrates the new and advanced interesting features. The features that are the part of AllInOneBrowser are the availability of PDF reader, download manager, digital media player, sharing of apps & files, browsing from thousands of sites, browser emulator, fast speed, low battery usage, and much more.


17. Red Onion

Red Onion is a To based web browser that lets the users access any data listed over the internet even if it is censored by the respective authorities of any country. Red Onion can be said as a proxy browser as well that hide the real locations and identity of the users and by that means, Red Onion ensures the security and privacy of the users.

Platform: iOS

18. Onion Browser

Onion Browser is a Tor-based web browser for those who wants to maintain their privacy and security. Onion Browser lets the users access the internet with more privacy as compared to other browsers. The advantages of using Onion Browser are access to every type of data available over the internet, hide IP address and reallocation, blocking of third party cookies, etc.


19. VPN Browser

VPN Browser is another Tor-based web browsers that is regarded as one of the best browsers that gives the access to the users to all VOIP carriers including Skype. VPN Browser provides an open internet access to all its users despite the local or state censorship or restrictions. Moreover, there is an advanced system of tracking and interception protection.


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