15 Apps like MightyText

15 Apps-like-MightyText MAL

MightyText is a remote texting application that lets the users text and send messages or SMSs from their computer synchronized with Android handset and number. MightyText lets the users send and receive unlimited SMS and MMS either from their computer or tablet or both by using their Android smartphone and number. Moreover, the messages sent stay in synchronized within the handset’s SMS inbox. Phone notifications will be also displayed on the screen of the computer. Below is the list of best alternatives to MightyText.

1. mySMS

mySMS is an application for sending SMS and messages from computer, tablet and phone. mySMS integrates various tools and applications that let the users text anywhere and enhance their messaging and texting experience on their computer, tablet, and smartphone. Send messages on your computer or tablet as you sent from your Android smartphone.

Platform: Android | iOS | Windows Phone

2. XendApp

XendApp is for communicating with a large audience at international level. XendApp is basically a cross platform application that work as a gateway between you and other people living across the globe. It then lets the users send their text messages by using XendApp. Moreover, messages can be sent directly to the other users via the official website of XendApp.

Platform: Android | iOS

3. Pushbullet

Pushbullet is an application that connects the two devices and then enable the users to send messages right from the computer. Pushbullet is an application that connects all devices of the users and making them be felt and treated as one. Pushbullet lets the users send text messages, see handset’s notifications, send links, follow interesting things, etc.

Platform: Android | iOS

4. KeyApt

KeyApt is an application that lets the Android users to send messages from their tablet or computer simply using their Android handset and phone number. The best about KeyApt is that there is not account, registration and plugin system in KeyApt. The notable features of KeyApt are two-way messaging, no charges, send messages in various international languages, etc.

Platform: Android

5. AirDroid

AirDroid is an application that lets the users control their Android mobile from other devices. AirDroid is an application for file managing and file transferring. Most of the users of AirDroid are unaware of the fact that AirDroid can also be used for sending messages. AirDroid lets the users make calls, SMS and get the app notifications, etc.

Platform: Android

6. Deskphone

Deskphone is a messaging application for messaging on the desktop through the Android phone number. Deskphone is a two SMS application that enables the users to send and receive messages directly from the computer. The best about Deskphone is that there is no formality of registration or creating an account. Just install Deskphone and start using instantly.

Platform: Android

7. Yappy

Yappy is another professional application for texting and sending messages from the PC or smartphones. Yappy is the best way for sending messages from, PC, Mac OS X and even tablet by using the smartphone number without actually touching the smartphone. Yappy is an application for the free online message to send, receive, manage and backup SMS, MMS, etc.

Platform: Android

8. Monitordroid

Monitordroid is for remotely accessing and managing Android devices. When the functions are about remotely managing smartphone then there must be a system of messaging and texting as well. And the fact is that Monitordroid enables the Android users to remotely send, receive and view messages, download digital media such as photos and access all information without any time and geographical restriction.

Platform: Android

9. myPhoneDesktop

myPhoneDesktop is an application for iOS that work as a channel of communication between iOS and PC to share data and other services. If you are tired of typing long messages on your iPhone then here is the myPhoneDesktop that will let you complete task and SMS in a comfortable and send easily and instantly the long notes and URLs to the other person.


10. BT Remote PC

BT Remote PC or Bluetooth Remote PC is an application that act as an integration link between your Android device and PC. BT Remote PC lets the Android users to access their computer from their Android devices. If you are tired of typing long messages or URLs then here is the BT Remote PC that will let you send all these from your Android using the Android phone number.

Platform: Android

11. AirMore

AirMore is basically a mobile management application that lets the users to wirelessly transfer their videos, photos and other digital media to their PC. Moreover, AirMore also works as a remote message sending application. The new version of includes an advance system for loading a larger amount of SMS for almost all phones.

Platform: Android | iOS

12. Voxer

Voxer is like a Walkie Talkie for team communication. Voxer features the functions and power of live voice chatting, SMS, text messaging and photo sharing. The advantages of using Voxer are talk, send text and photos, record the voice and messages, listen live the other person or later on, no network restriction use any network for communication.

Platform: Android | iOS

13. GO SMS Pro

GO SMS Pro is the new way of messaging and communicating with the people you like most and care about. GO SMS Pro is a simple messaging application that is personalized with various professional tools. Surely, the GO SMS Pro deliver the best messaging services to its users with the integration of most advanced features as well.

Platform: Android

14. Way2SMS

Way2SMS is a free SMS and text messages sending application. Way2SMS lets the smartphone users to send two-way messages. Millions of users today are using Way2SMS for secure and safe conversation. Use Way2SMS and text for free to your friends and family anywhere in the world. The best about Way2SMS is that its system is smooth and efficient.

Platform: Android

15. ASUS Messaging

ASUS Messaging is a smart and simple messaging application that is integrated with the advanced tools that support for VIP messages. The best about ASUS Messaging is that there is a complete system of backup and restore in the ASUS Messaging. The user can back up all of their SMS messages and send the backup file created in an email address.

Platform: Android

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