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Taboola is made for handling the site visitors and well- known tool for publishers to making money from native advertising. Taboola is quality content promotion solution for websites and also blogs. The most of websites with large website traffic like BBC, Boston Globe and USA Today using Taboola to making money more. However, Taboola is not the just a content marketing managing solution. Taboola is successful just because of online reputation and good income. Some are the best alternatives to Taboola.

1. Outbrain

Outbrain is one of oldest and challenger of Taboola platform. Outbrain allow the users to search for the next most unique content to generate more money. Outbrain provides to its users real-time reporting. Outbrain target good quality, not quantity.

2. Adblade

Adblade is the alternative and similar like Taboola and also known as a native advertising software tool utilized a large number of premium publishers such as FOX-NEWS, Yahoo, McClatchy, Hearst, Daily News and hundreds more, they are also leading the native promoting and marketing. Adblade is actually a leading ‘brand safe rated’ marketing system.

3. Revcontent

Revcontent is a skilled content material automation system to improve the standard of content and also increasing the money. Revcontent grow by the amazing rate of 500% per year, now this platform serving more than 100 billion recommendation per month. The main features of Revcontent are: boost quality & functionality of the content, and also provides the leading native Ad network, get transparency & control, etc.

4. Disqus

Disqus is well known posting comments system utilized by millions of websites & personal blogs along with writing comments. Disqus also deliver Discovery system through which web publishers may earn a handsome income and advertise may achieve right targeted viewers, they are also leading the original marketing network.

5. VigLink

VigLink is regarded as the one of the best content and traffic driving platform. The best about VigLink is that it can be used by publishers, advertisers and bloggers for getting best reward from their hard work. The other best thing about VigLink is that it is integrated with the in-text advertising and marketing solutions. Use VigLink for increasing web monetization.

6. Skimlinks

Skimlinks is that monetization platform that always focus on earning and more earning. This powerful platform lets the web and blog owners to increase the earning from their content. Skimlinks is a best platform for getting the best output from your work. The best about Skimlinks is that it can be used by bloggers, publishers, app developers, social network platforms and also editorial sites.

7. Infolinks

Today lot of web owners and bloggers are using Infolinks to get the best output from their work. Its add system is little different from the other ad services. It actually embed its ads in the keywords. Infolinks has also a referral program that is for those who wants to earn extra money in addition to normal way of working with Infolinks. Infolinks is such advertising platform that will surely assist you to increase ROI.

8. Roojoom

Roojoom is another advertisement management platform for experiencing the great stuff. Just select the content from the web and the Roojoom will come to convert that content into the earning. Roojoom will surely increase the power of your link and content that you like to share with others. Roojoom is a best platform for increasing engagement, drive traffic and content.

9. Gravity

Gravity is for personalizing internet according to your own requirements. Gravity is actually an independent engine for native ads and content. Gravity can be used by business partners, advertisers and publishers. Gravity actually helps your visitors to get compelling content and increase engagement with relevant native ads and enhance user engagement for increasing the ROI.

10. LinkWithin

LinkWithin is for dealing with related posts with thumbnails. It is actually a blog widget that appears under each posts and link the related stories from blog archive. The other advantages of using LinkWithin are increase page views, increase the engagement of reader with website, elegant, easy-to-use, free to install, unobtrusive design and much more.

11. Zemanta

Zemanta is actually a plugin for getting more traffic on your platform. Zemanta lets the content marketers to access unlimited supply and campaign analytics on an all-in-one dashboard of the Zemanta. Zemanta is for amplifying and optimizing your content ads. It will surely drive the performance of your content and will market it in a best way.

12. censhare AG

censhare AG is a market automation and content driven solution for the users. The best about censhare AG is that it integrates the features of marketing solutions that will help you in increasing your marketing maturity. censhare AG is a single and multiplatform marketing solution. censhare AG is a great platform for increasing monetization.

13. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the service of Google for those who wants to turn their passion into income. Google AdSense is actually used for content the websites. It provides the advertisements on the websites of the subscribers. However, all these ads are administered and maintain by the Google. Its revenue system is based on per click or per impression basis.

14. Hexagram

Hexagram is among the leading native advertisers in the world. Hexagram is a simple yet advanced platform that is a best option for premium publishers, content marketers, agencies and brands. Hexagram is being used by hundreds of advertisers and publishers. Hexagram is the best source of increasing web traffic and ROI.

15. Nster

Nster is a powerful and successful application for making your website successful. The best about Nster is that the CPC rates of Nster are best and ad-system is too professional and advanced. If talk about traffic then Nster will surely help you to get real traffic over your platform and increase the engagement with your visitors also.


AYBOLL is for getting the real benefit from your passion. AYBOLL is for earning the premium advertising from your content. AYBOLL is one of the best platforms for monetizing your website or blog by using the native ads widget of AYBOLL. The advantages of using AYBOLL are getting high performance system, built by the marketers, advanced reporting system, etc.

17. Amazon CPM

Amazon CPM is the earning program launched by the Amazon that lets the web owner to display the ads of Amazon and get revenue against those ads. Moreover, Amazon CPM lets the users to earn revenue by displaying the Amazon premium advertisers on their blogs or website. Amazon CPM is one of the best alternatives to Google AdSense.

18. Media.net

Media.net is ad project by Yahoo and Bing that is being offered by the Media.net. Media.net is for transferring your passion into income. Media.net is one of the best places for the advertisers where they get the real benefit for their struggles. Use Media.net and maximize the revenue from the online content. Media.net is the pool of best advertisers around the world.

19. iTunes Affiliates

If you are dealing in the product and applications of Apple then iTunes Affiliates is a right option for you to earn against those contents and data. iTunes Affiliates lets the users to insert the link of iTunes when they are writing about Apple products and get commission up to 7% if the visitors purchases that item by going from your website.

20. Syndicate Ads

Syndicate Ads is another professional platform that lets you to change your content into cents and even dollars. Come with a great idea and website and then Syndicate Ads will be there for enabling you to advertise through that content. Syndicate Ads is a best way of earning from your content. Syndicate Ads is the platform of large advertisers of the world.

21. Content.ad

There is another great platform by the name of Content.ad that is known for native advertising. Content.ad is known for providing the premium sponsored content that lets the users to think beyond the normal advertising and engagement tactics. Having Content.ad means a partnership with one of the largest native content recommendation networks.

22. Gemini Yahoo

Gemini Yahoo is the advertising service of the Yahoo. If you want to get large audience for your product, content or announcement then Gemini Yahoo is a platform that helps you. Just create your ad as you want, set the budget and deliver towards Gemini Yahoo. After that Gemini Yahoo will present that in front of the right audience. You can check the power of your advertisement as well.

23. StackCommerce

StackCommerce is a native advertising service that is known for powering the content and commerce at the same time. StackCommerce is one of the best native commerce platforms that is specially for communities, publishers and brands. StackCommerce is a best source for increasing the engagement with visitors and monetizing your contents and products effectively.

24. Adsnative

Adsnative is a native advertising platform that has made the advertising and publishing easy and simple as per the requirements of the users. Adsnative actually assist the users in managing direct and third party native advertising revenue sources. Adsnative integrates the modem advertising and publishing features that are very useful for the users.

25. Popular Pays

Popular Pays is for all type of brands. Popular Pays is for advertising your products on Instagram. Use Popular Pays and get exposure on Instagram and photos for your brand of all sizes. Just select campaign methods then go for selection of Instagrammers, see the posts, and that is done. Popular Pays can be used for all type of brands.

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