14 Apps like Omni Swipe for Android


Lazy Swipe that was formerly known as Omni Swipe is an application that lets the users to easily access the data that they have to access from the menus or short keys. It actually displays the apps, contacts, settings, notifications, and other favorite data of the users on the main screen and enables them to access anything they want easily and quickly. The intuitive features of Lazy Swipe are unobtrusive, intelligent, decent, light-weight, toolbox, arrange up to 9 apps and much more. The best alternatives of the Lazy Swipe are mentioned below.

1. EasyTouch

EasyTouch is an application to customize your smart device as you want. EasyTouch lets the users of the smartphone make their smart devices in such a way that they should easily operate their devices. EasyTouch lets the users to easily and instantly access their favorite applications, settings, notifications, games and much more instead of going in the menu.

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2. QuickTouch

QuickTouch is an application that enables the smartphone users to make their life easier by customizing their smartphones for accessing its functions and features easily and quickly. QuickTouch is actually the set of short keys following which the smartphone users can access any application and settings easily and instantly.

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3. Smart Task Launcher

Smart Task Launcher is for accessing and opening any application just by the movement of your thumb. Smart Task Launcher lets the users swipe in five directions, single tap, double tap, and long press. Smart Task Launcher lets the users to instantly open the launcher, applications, widget, shortcuts, favorite apps, games, recent apps and much more easily and quickly.

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4. SwipePad

SwipePad is a gesture launcher that lets the users launch anything from their smartphone with a single swipe gesture. SwipePad is an extraordinary gesture launcher that lets the users launch anything from their smartphone instead of exploring the whole set. The best about SwipePad is that it is both memory and battery friendly application.

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5. CircleLauncher light

CircleLauncher light is an application that lets the users access the most frequently used items of their smartphones. Either it is going for your favorite app or for the contact number of your best friend; all are easy by using the CircleLauncher light as it will let you make the shortcut of all those settings and apps that you want to access instantly.

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6. GMD GestureControl

GMD GestureControl is an application that has launched the accessing system just like iOS in Android devices. GMD GestureControl is for controlling the Android smartphones with multitasking and multitouch gesture just like iPad. The best about GMD GestureControl is that it works in all applications. Use GMD GestureControl and control your smartphone with a new way.

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7. FlipLauncher

FlipLauncher is an application for making the smartphone more convenient and easy to use. FlipLauncher lets the smartphone users to set the shortcuts and keys for their favorite and designated apps and then access them with a single flip and save their precious time otherwise going into the main menu. FlipLauncher is one of the best applications ever made for smartphones.

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8. ssFlicker

ssFlicker is a must have application for your Android handset. If you want to make your device more convenient for using then here is ssFlicker. Just install he ssFlicker and enjoy the flick and launch apps and widget features of the ssFlicker. ssFlicker lets the users set the short keys for their favorite and designated apps and settings and then access them quickly later on.

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9. Wave Launcher

Wave Launcher is a powerful application that lets you launch up to 120 favorite applications, shortcuts and widgets too. Wave Launcher is basically a multitasking application that enable the Android users to access any of their favorite apps and setting without going in too much detail of their device. Wave Launcher is one of the best app and settings launcher for Android.

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10. Nova Launcher Prime

Nova Launcher Prime is a highly customizable and configurable launcher for Android smartphones. Nova Launcher Prime lets the users create gestures for their smartphones and access the features and apps of their smartphone as they want instead of using it as per factory requirements. Swipe, pinch, double app, etc. are the part of Nova Launcher Prime.

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11. ADWLauncher EX

ADWLauncher EX is one of the best home replacement applications. The best about ADWLauncher EX is that it is a highly customizable and configurable application. If you are looking for an application to replace your existing home application system then here is the ADWLauncher EX that will let you customize your smartphone.

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12. Apex Launcher Pro

Here comes the Apex Launcher Pro a highly customizable application for setting the home screen of the smartphone in a new way. The features available in Apex Launcher Pro are powerful drawer customizations, unread count notifications, enhanced folder support, shortcut settings, instantly launch recent and favorite apps, etc.

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13. Next Launcher 3D Shell

Next Launcher 3D Shell is a brand-new 3D launcher that is the perfect replacement of the default screen system of the Android devices. Next Launcher 3D Shell lets the Android users to redefine their Android smartphones. Key features of Next Launcher 3D Shell are apps management with gestures, combine favorite items at one place, 3D home screen system, etc.

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14. Smart Launcher Pro 3

Smart Launcher Pro 3 is a slim, smart and full potential launcher for smartphones. The advanced features of Smart Launcher Pro 3 let the smartphone users to full control on their Android and categories the whole system of the handset in their own way. Smart Launcher Pro 3 lets the users set up to 9 screens on the home screen and much more.

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