16 Apps like 1Password for Password Manager

16 Apps like 1Password for Password Manager

1Password is an application for smartphones the lets the smartphone users to keep the record of their important accounts and password at one place. The stunning features of 1Password are that it lets the users create a strong and unique for every website they used and store them in one place of 1Password. So, instead of remembering every single account and password, they are only required to remember one master login and password of 1Password. Saying this will not be wrong that is 1Password is one of the best alternatives to LastPass and also alternatives to KeePass and alternatives to oneSafe. Below is the list of best alternatives to 1Password.

1. LastPass

The best about LastPass is that in addition to working as a password manager, it also work as an auto form filler and random password generator. Having LastPass means having a secure and private digital wallet application into your pocket. So, if you want to focus more on your other tasks then use LastPass that is available for almost all mobile operating systems.

Platform: Android | iOS | Windows Phone | Blackberry

2. Keeper Password Manager

Keeper Password Manager is one of the best password manager application. Just like 1Password, Keeper Password Manager is a digital vault for you for keeping important accounts at one place. Access all your accounts, passwords, financial data, private photos, business records, and other important types of documents with a touch of the finger.

Platform: Android | iOS | Windows Phone | Blackberry

3. SecureSafe

SecureSafe is a digital safe for your important tasks. Today in the world of technology where hacking and cybercrime are its peak point, it is important to arrange for a place where everything should be kept safe and secure. Here the SecureSafe with features of digital safe in the cloud. SecureSafe is for preserving everything that matters most.

Platform: Android | iOS

4. Dashlane Password Manager

Dashlane Password Manager is a free digital wallet for your important account and passwords. Dashlane Password Manager make it easy for the users to keep tracking of accounts and passwords and arranging a safe and secure place for them. Dashlane Password Manager is a simple and easy-to-use password managing application.

Platform: Android | iOS

5. RoboForm

RoboForm is an easy to use but powerful password manager that is regarded as the best one password managing application. No need to remember each and every account and password when RoboForm is there to manage all for free. The stunning features of RoboForm are secure password managing, form filling, secure & safe, etc.

Platform: Android | iOS | Windows Phone | Blackberry

6. KeePassDroid

KeePassDroid is a free to use application for keeping all passwords and records at one place instead of remembering each and every detail. KeePassDroid enables the users in managing the passwords and accounts of their most frequent used websites, email accounts, passwords and much more. KeePassDroid is an open source application as well.

Platform: Android

7. Norton Identity Safe

Norton Identity Safe is from the family of Norton for enhancing your personal security and privacy. It is actually a free password manager that lets the users to easily login to their favorite websites easily and securely without living the footprint behind. The advantages of using Norton Identity Safe are it is safe, convenient and saves time.

Platform: Android | iOS

8. mSecure Password Manager

Here we got mSecure Password Manager another powerful password application manager for your smartphones. Having mSecure Password Manager means having a steel wall around your accounts and other types of secret data. mSecure Password Manager event lets the users save their photos, attachments, and other personal records.

Platform: Android | iOS | Windows Phone

9. eWallet – Password Manager

eWallet – Password Manager is a digital data storage platform for keeping your personal records and account details in a safe and secure environment. eWallet – Password Manager is one of the best secure and convenient digital wallet for storing as many passwords and as many accounts as many users have the capacity to store.

Platform: Android | iOS | Windows Phone

10. STRIP – Password Manager

STRIP – Password Manager is a platform for keeping your life secure in a digital world. Wherever you go, STRIP – Password Manager will guards your private data and passwords. STRIP – Password Manager is the best way for keeping your digital life safe and secure. Either it is about storing financial records, business accounts, or online accounts, STRIP – Password Manager is best in all.

Platform: Android | iOS

11. oneSafe

oneSafe is a multiplatform premium password manager for your smartphones. The security system of oneSafe will surely help you in keeping your important safe and secure and making your digital life secure and private. In the world of technology, it is important to have a password manager because of the technical and human factor.

Platform: Android | iOS | Windows Phone

12. oneID

Just like 1Password, oneID is based on a single identification system. oneID lets the users create a safe, personal , secure, identify products by using the powerful and encryption platform of the oneID. oneID is a best password managing application for industrial, business and consumer purposes. oneID is the best solution for you for creating a secure world around you.

Platform: Android | iOS

13. PasswordBox

Here we have another password manager by the name of PasswordBox that is a free password manager as well. The interactive features of PasswordBox are saving login account, websites, create a strong master password, locked everything in a master account, encrypted safe notes, highly customizable, auto-lock function and much more.

Platform: Android | iOS

14. DataVault Password Manager

DataVault Password Manager is the best way for keeping confidential data confidential. Either it is about keeping credit cards information, financial data information, and business records or keeping personal data, DataVault Password Manager is best in keeping all things safe and secure. DataVault Password Manager is a multiplatform application as well.

Platform: Android | iOS

15. Enpass Password Manager

Enpass Password Manager is a password manager with the aim of making it sure for you that ‘you never forget a password again.’ The sole purpose of Enpass Password Manager is to make the digital life of its users simple, secure and safe. Enpass Password Manager is such an application that will help you in managing your passwords and personal data.

Platform: Android | iOS | Windows Phone | Blackberry

16. NS Wallet

NS Wallet is another medium for keeping your confidential information and data in a reliable and secure platform. Either it is about saving passwords, credit cards numbers, pin codes, financial data, business records or anything leftover, NS Wallet will surely help you in keeping all record safe and secure in a digital wallet system.

Platform: Android | iOS

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