Top 26 Live Dynamic Wallpaper Apps


Dynamic wallpaper is that type of wallpaper that is usually found in Android and iOS operating systems. These type of wallpapers are entirely different from the static wallpaper. The main difference between dynamic and static wallpapers is that static wallpapers are motionless as they show no kind of movement while dynamic wallpaper remained in moving position either whole or a specific object. Following are the one of the best dynamic wallpapers apps that will give a new look to your smartphones.

1. 3D Wallpapers & Backgrounds

3D Wallpapers & Backgrounds is one of the best application for dynamic wallpaper. 3D Wallpapers & Backgrounds is the box of 3D, dynamic wallpapers and backgrounds that is pack with over one million beautiful wallpaper, themes, and skin to add a new look to your smartphone. 3D Wallpapers & Backgrounds is compatible with all version of iOS.


2. Dream Night Free LiveWallpaper

Dream Night Free LiveWallpaper is for those who love the darkness of night and want to enjoy the raining light of the moon and stars. Dream Night Free LiveWallpaper is styled with a dream blue color and sparkling stars and moon. The other features of Dream Night Free LiveWallpaper are fireflies, snow falling, effects, and much more.

Platform: Android

3. Aquarium live wallpaper

Aquarium live wallpaper is a great app for enjoying the aquarium into your smartphone. This wallpaper app is perfect for those who loves to keep fishes at home. Aquarium live wallpaper is available for almost all mobiles. A number of settings are the part of Aquarium live wallpaper that lets the users arrange it as per their own requirement.

Platform: Android

4. Waterfall Live Wallpaper

Waterfall Live Wallpaper is a dynamic wallpaper application for amazing, beautiful and dashing waterfall wallpapers and backgrounds. Waterfall Live Wallpaper integrates the various effects such as flashing light and great parallax effects that make it the one of the best dynamic and live wallpapers applications. Waterfall Live Wallpaper is free but supports ads.

Platform: Android

5. Backgrounds HD

Backgrounds HD is an application from where the billions of people around the world have downloaded the wallpapers of their requirement and the counting is still on. Backgrounds HD is the collection of over 8,000 stunning wallpapers and images. Backgrounds HD lets the users enjoy awesome contents with simple UI and great performance.

Platform: Android

6. My Photo Animated Wallpaper

My Photo Animated Wallpaper is little different from the above-mentioned dynamic wallpaper application. My Photo Animated Wallpaper lets the users transform their simple pic or image into an animated one and also add effect on it. My Photo Animated Wallpaper integrates various tools for customization for creating amazing animations.

Platform: Android

7. Water Pool Live Wallpaper

Water Pool Live Wallpaper is a best water live wallpaper on Google Play Store that integrates various features. Water Pool Live Wallpaper integrates various pure water effects, 3D effects and water pool. The other features in Water Pool Live Wallpaper are wave strength, wave radius, fish customization, beautiful scene, floating plants, etc.

Platform: Android

8. Photo Aquarium Live Wallpaper

Photo Aquarium Live Wallpaper is yet another application where the users of the smartphone can combine both pictures in an aquarium. Photo Aquarium Live Wallpaper lets the users create their animated pic and place it in an aquarium where the fish will revolve around the frame. Photo Aquarium Live Wallpaper also lets the users either select image from gallery or directly click from the camera.

Platform: Android

9. Fireflies Live Wallpaper

Fireflies Live Wallpaper is yet another beautiful and dashing application that displays the fireflies. Install Fireflies Live Wallpaper and enjoy the flying fireflies in your smartphone in a beautiful vibrant background. Just imagine, a dark night and flying fireflies and then what will be the environment around you.

Platform: Android

10. Dandelion Live Wallpaper

Dandelion Live Wallpaper integrates and features the free dandelion live wallpaper featuring flying speeds. Dandelion Live Wallpaper features merry Xmas and happy holidays. Xmas mode lets the users enjoy the Christmas winter season with flying snowflakes. Imagine the water droplet effect and enjoy the stunning wallpaper in your smartphone.

Platform: Android | iOS

11. Rain Live Wallpaper

Rain Live Wallpaper is yet another great dynamic wallpaper application to enjoy the rainy season anytime besides the fact that there is no actual raining. The interactive features of Rain Live Wallpaper are animated rain, over 20 HD backgrounds, smoky windows, live rain wallpaper, smooth 3D animations, free wallpapers, and much more.

Platform: Android

12. Spring Nature Live Wallpaper

When it is about nature and then other it is about nature during spring then there comes Spring Nature Live Wallpaper to fascinate your eyes and pimp your smartphone. Spring Nature Live Wallpaper is the platform of free animated screensaver that comes along with beautiful and HD backgrounds, live water effect, live rain effect and much more.

Platform: Android

13. Summer Live Wallpaper

Summer Live Wallpaper is another application to enjoy the nature just like spring live wallpaper. Summer Live Wallpaper is a dynamic wallpaper application that contains HD and HQ dynamic wallpaper with the mountain landscape, flying butterflies, liver water effect, falling leaves, interactive flying dandelion seeds and lots of setting and customizations.

Platform: Android

14. Winter Landscapes Wallpaper

Here we come with another dynamic wallpaper application to enjoy the nature in winter. Winter Landscapes Wallpaper is integrated with the styles of the winter landscape, sparkling falling snowflakes, 3D animation, and much more in all in one animated platform of Winter Landscapes Wallpaper. Winter Landscapes Wallpaper is for enjoying water effects, snowfall, and much more.

Platform: Android

15. Ink in Water Live Wallpaper

Mix the color in the water and see what emerge as a result. Ink in Water Live Wallpaper is the set of HD wallpapers and live water effects. The interactive features of Ink in Water Live Wallpaper are HD photos of paint in water, set your own background, live water effect, animated glowworms and fireflies, real smooth 3D animations, etc.

Platform: Android

16. Aquarium live HD free

Aquarium live HD free is for iOS devices. Aquarium live HD free is for turning your iOS device into a beautiful and stunning aquarium. See the background running behind the aquarium while you are resting or working. The beautiful features of Aquarium live HD free runs in full screen, highly customizable, portrait mode option, etc.


17. Fireplace Live HD Free

Fireplace Live HD Free is for turning your iOS into a beautiful fireplace. Fireplace Live HD Free is a best dynamic wallpaper application for getting stunning and real fireplace scenes. There are various fireplace sounds integrated into the Fireplace Live HD Free and user can select from them as well. Fireplace Live HD Free is perfect for relaxing at home or for romantic evenings.


18. Device Info Live WallPaper

We have another different and special dynamic wallpaper application in the list. It is Device Info Live WallPaper that work as a dynamic wallpaper and displays the device information as well. Device Info Live WallPaper displays the information about CPU usage, battery information, RAM usage, internal and external memory usage, platform information, etc.

Platform: Android

19. Juicy Live Wallpaper

Juicy Live Wallpaper is the pack of beautiful and dashing wallpaper that contains juicy HD wallpapers. All wallpaper available in Juicy Live Wallpaper comes with juicy and stunning backgrounds and effects of floating ice cubes and fruits. The available styles in Juicy Live Wallpaper are animated bubbles, floating ice, smoky window, fresh wallpaper, etc.

Platform: Android

20. Sakura Live Wallpaper

Sakura Live Wallpaper contains five fantastic cherry background images. Enjoy the scene of cherry blossoms falling and gesture effect in Sakura Live Wallpaper. Sakura Live Wallpaper can be installed on almost all Android mobiles. Sakura Live Wallpaper is one of the best wallpapers to pimp the screen of your smartphone.

Platform: Android

21. Falling Money 3D Wallpaper

Falling Money 3D Wallpaper is for enjoying scenes of falling money just like leaves in autumn part ways from the trees. After installing Falling Money 3D Wallpaper, you will think that money is falling just like leaves. The currencies covered in Falling Money 3D Wallpaper are dollars, euros, rubles, yen, Juan, pounds, hryvnias, dirhams, rupees, and franks.

Platform: Android

22. Fire and Ice Live Wallpaper

Have you ever seen water and fire at one place? If not, then there is Fire and Ice Live Wallpaper that will let you see the dynamic wallpapers of fire and ice at one place. The main features of having Fire and Ice Live Wallpaper are the availability of five beautiful HQ backgrounds, burning frozen or yellow blue illustrations on black backgrounds and much more to pimp your smartphone.

Platform: Android

23. Cars Live Wallpaper

Cars Live Wallpaper lets you see your favorite cars in a dynamic mode. Cars Live Wallpaper is for enjoying the animated backgrounds of top branded cars beyond your imagination. Check out what is on Cars Live Wallpaper; sports cars, luxury cars, racing cars, vintage cars, collector cars and much more. Cars Live Wallpaper is for car lovers.

Platform: Android

24. Smoking Skull Live Wallpaper

Smoking Skull Live Wallpaper is another best one dynamic wallpaper application where the users will see the skull smoking. Well, it is a great dynamic wallpaper application that will provide you an opportunity to make your smartphone screen smoky. Install Smoking Skull Live Wallpaper in your smartphone and have a smoking skull in your smartphone.

Platform: Android

25. Tornado Live Wallpaper

Tornado Live Wallpaper is developed by the developers of Smoking Skull Live Wallpaper. Tornado Live Wallpaper is for getting the real, violent, dangerous tornado in your smartphone. Tornado Live Wallpaper is one of the best dynamic and wallpaper application to pimp the screen of your smartphone.

Platform: Android

26. Fire Skulls Live Wallpaper

Get ready for the horror wallpapers. Fire Skulls Live Wallpaper is a dynamic wallpaper application that brings the horror backgrounds images of creepy skulls with the fire burning from their eyes. Fire Skulls Live Wallpaper will surely be frightened you for a while. Fire Skulls Live Wallpaper also supports the landscape mode and home-screen switching.

Platform: Android

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