Top 10 Apps like Episode


Episode is and adventure game for creating the story of your life. You have to act on the role of a man who is available with almost all necessities and interactive stories and he has to go for the best one paths. Play Episode and develop your own appearance, band and even whole life but take care you have to make balance among your life, friendship and fame. Following are the one of the best alternatives to Episode game.

1. Hollywood Story

Welcome to the charming world of Hollywood Story. You are going to be the hero in the Hollywood. The best features and functions of Hollywood Story are: create your own Hollywood star, shoot amazing movies, promote those movies, arrange auditions, get fans, hang out with celebrities, unlock the cities, make the covers, socialize, connect, interact and much more.

Platform: iOS

2. Life Simulator

Life Simulator is one of the best life simulator game that is based on the hurdles and difficulties of real life. You have to start from the lowest end of the society and then by hardworking and efforts have to make your mark in the society. Develop you character and personality, trade in the market, boost your skills and make your life just great.

Platform: Android | iOS

3. My Selfie Story: Episode 4

My Selfie Story: Episode 4 is a best adventurous and amazing story games that is about a girl who loves expensive and stylish restaurant, camera flashes, lush cars and want an easy life. My Selfie Story: Episode 4 is a simple yet and addictive game where you have to compete with your friends by improving your lifestyle.

Platform: Android | iOS

4. Demi Lovato: Path to Fame

Demi Lovato: Path to Fame is a casual game where you have to develop your life by creating your personality, band, sounds and much more to become a superstar. With the help of your dudes, discover your voice, boost it and shape your musical career. After achieving a position you have to decide what is most important for you, family, friendship, love or fame.

Platform: Android | iOS

5. Campus Crush

Campus Crush is another life story and simulation game that welcomes you on your arrival into a university campus. You are enrolled in the one of the most prestigious universities of the region. Here you have to make new friends and have to find love. You have to uncover mysterious skills to get scholarship and much more that are based on the real campus life.

Platform: Android

6. Runway Life

Runway Life is about building your modeling career and modeling house. Work with the most talented superstars of the world then create your own model agency, recruit the skilled models, work with the superstar and best designers of the world and who off your work to others by taking stunning photos and sharing with other fashion-fellows.


7. Superstar Life

It is very easy to take the life of superstars as an easy life. If you think so then play Superstar Life and become a superstar. You will realize that it is not so easy to become a superstar and after that holding the fame. Superstar Life is the dazzling, stylish and charming world of celebrities, superstars and stardom. One of the best addictive games for creating your own story.

Platform: Android | iOS

8. My Candy Love

My Candy Love is a game of love and one of the best passionate adventurous games for finding your love. My Candy Love is actually a virtual dating game where you have to find your love and have to make great decisions. It is about the story of a student who is in the best phase of his life where he has to make new friends and create a best story of his life.

Platform: Android

9. College Girl

College Girl is a world of fashion in the college. Explore the way to wow in the trendy fashions and how to look stylish every day. It is about how to be a superstar and best model during your educational career by getting a hot fashion, going in to parties, and much more. Let join the College Girl and customize your look in your own way and create a best story of yours.


10. Hollywood U: Rising Stars

Hollywood U: Rising Stars is a life simulation game that provides a platform to you to explore your life in your own way. Pack your luggage and join the world of Hollywood to earn fame and fortune. The best about Hollywood U: Rising Stars: choose your path to fame, dress for the red carpet & events, date celebrities, act in blockbusters movies, build your image, make your impressive story and much more.

Platform: Android | iOS

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