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IMVU is a 3D chatting platform for connecting with others. IMVU is an app for add your avatar to your own photos and sharing creations with others. Pose, draw and filter and make own posts and share with other friends. The unique about IMVU is that it enables the users to personalize and present their look by using over 20 million 3D items. If you are looking for the alternatives of IMVU then following are the best apps like IMVU.

1. Lumiya

Lumiya is a one of the best alternatives to IMVU. It enables the users to interact and communicate with their friends in a virtual 3D world. Use Lumiya and interact with your friends by using various objects, manage your assets, see and navigate the world around you. The other features of Lumiya are: avatar outfit control, region minimap, chat and IM logging and many more.

Platform: Android

2. Chibi Me

Chibi Me is another avatar creator application for creating beautiful, naughty and dashing anima and manga characters. Chibi Me enables the users to create real avatar just like their face and share it with users over social media platform including Twitter and Facebook. The other features of Chibi Me are: save avatars in photo library, high quality images, cosplay with friends and many more.

Platform: Android | iOS

3. 3D Avatar Creator

3D Avatar Creator is one of the best 3D avatar creators for iDevice. By using 3D Avatar Creator, you can create your own avatars and avatars of your friends and can share this with your friends via iMessages. The characters available in the platform of 3D Avatar Creator are really adorable and customizable that will allow you to make avatar just like you want.


4. Myidol

Myidol is a magic land of 3D avatars and animations. You will amazed to know that Myidol can change the selfie into a 3D avatar within few clicks. Myidol is now offering duo shows that means no you and your friend can create a dual avatar and make it able to play collectively to increase the fun of 3D avatar. It is one of the best apps like IMVU.

Platform: iOS

5. Meez Nation

Meez Nation is a social network for avatar creator. The best about Meez Nation is that there are chat rooms where you can communicate with other users and can create avatar collectively. Use Meez Nation and dress up your 3D avatar, style your avatar with the dress made by the famous designers, enhance your creativity with hairstyles, makeup, poses and many more features.

Platform: Android | iOS

6. BuddyPoke

BuddyPoke is another app like IMVU. BuddyPoke enables the users to create beautiful avatar by using the stunning features of BuddyPoke. Dress up your avatar, create hands, use hairstyles, and create group avatars for friends and family and many more. BuddyPoke enables the avatar makers to increase the fun of their avatars by creating talking avatars.

Platform: Android

7. PaperChibi

PaperChibi is for making cute chibi avatars by changing their clothes, hairstyles, eyes styles, and many more. PaperChibi enables the users to make real stunning 3D paper avatars. The best about PaperChibi is that its avatars are highly customizable that means you can change the pose and style of you avatars, PaperChibi is a best app like IMVU.

Platform: Android | iOS

8. Avakin

Avakin is a 3D avatar creator just like IMVU. Avakin enables the users to create amazing avatars and cartoons, challenge the friends and beat challenges of the friends. Avakin offers a wide range of customizable features from body, pose, hair styles, face to clothing. It is a best app for creating replica of yourself and enhancing the cartoonist skills.

Platform: Android

9. ourWorld

ourWorld is another virtual world where you can create 3D avatars, can interact with your friends and challenges them and accept theirs. There are over 35,000 virtual goods in ourWorld that will enable you to make your avatar in your own way. Introduce new hairstyles, clothing, furniture, and many other styles and win the prizes.

Platform: Android | iOS

10. Woozworld

Woozworld is another platform for exploring the identity of your avatar to give it a new identity. There is also a live chat option with virtual world. The other stunning features of Woozworld are: weekly new clothes, competitions, quizzes, dress & personalize, availability of new hairstyles, gowns, dashing outfits, trade & sell your designs and many more.


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