Monthly Archives: December 2015

10 Audio Books Apps like Audible


Audible is the collection of over 180,000 audio books of the bestseller authors. Audible is a great source of increasing knowledge and information anytime, anywhere. Audible is a vast library of classic to modern age books. By using Audible, you can listen books in whatever condition you are. No need to turn out the pages. The other features of Audible …

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11 Apps like Six Guns: Gang Showdown


Six Guns Gang Down is an action game that is full of wild life of those who never care about any law and rule. A game that contains the almost 40 dangerous and tricky missions and full of events. After installing the Apps like Six Guns: Gang Showdown you are welcome to the world of Oregon and Arizona that is …

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12 Similar Apps like Video Star


Video Star is an entertaining application that lets the users create stunning music videos. Video Star can also be used for making even dubmashes as well. Video Star is integrated with a lot of designing and effects tools that lets the users create stunning music videos. The process of making music videos by using the Video Star is very simple. …

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14 Similar Sites like Fiverr


With the passage of time, the world of freelancing is developing gradually. It is unemployment laid the foundation of freelancing. You are required to have a skill and then there is a platform from where you can sell your talent to anyone in the world. Fiverr is such kind of platform that connects the professionals to professionals. If you are …

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13 Similar Apps like Google Earth


Google Earth is a map and geographical information telling application that provides the users with an aerial photograph, satellite images, and much more on a 3D globe. The list of features in Google Earth includes a flight simulator, sky mode, street view, water & ocean view, historical images, some images of planets including Mars, Moon, liquid galaxy and much more. …

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10 Apps like iFile File Manager


iFile is a file manager application for iOS devices that lets the users manage the files in their iOS devices. In addition to managing files, iFile is also used for email, edit, cut, copy, paste, delete, view, rename, compress and transfer files. Some features of iFile are integrated file browsers with various functioning features, up to 8 file browser tabs, …

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15 Sites like PayPal for Online Payments


PayPal is an American based online payment system that is operating for the purpose of online money transfer across the world. PayPal was launched with an aim to replace the traditional means of money transferring like money orders and checks. It is currently the largest internet based money transferors in the world. PayPal is currently operating in almost 200 countries …

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13 Apps like Six Billion Secrets


Everyone in the world has a secret so tell what is yours. If you don’t wanna share it directly with us then here is a special application where you can go to tell about your secret that you never told anyone. It is not a place only for sharing the secret. Basically, it is a social platform where people share …

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