11 Santa’s Bag like Apps for Christmas Gifts Planning


Christmas gifts planning apps are those apps for smartphones that assists the users in maintain their budget and list for Christmas gifts. By using these applications, users start with a budget and then do shopping. These applications then tell how much has been spend and how much there are left for spending. These apps also tell the remaining amount or alert in case of over or under budget. Following are some applications to help you in maintaining your Christmas gifts list.

1. Santa’s Bag

Santa’s Bag is a great Christmas gift list manager. The best about Santa’s Bag is that it also displays the countdown of remaining Christmas days. Use it for managing your whole Christmas gift list and allocated budget. If you insert the recipient of the gift then it will also tell you how much worth of gifts are allocated to that particular and if there any over or under budget.

Platform: iOS

2. Christmas List Snowball

Christmas List Snowball is a Christmas gifts organizer application that assist the users in maintaining their gift lists and following it as per budget. The best about Christmas List Snowball is that here the user enter the name of recipient of gifts and then enter the detail of budget and the gift for a specific purpose. It then show the detail of gift worth to that person and overall expenses.

Platform: Android

3. Gift Plan

The best about Gift Plan is that it can be used for Christmas gifts organizing and other normal events as well. Use it for making a comprehensive plan of Christmas gifts and track the record of all purchases. Set the time frame for each individual. The other unique feature of Gift Plan is that it can be also used for remembering birthdays and purchasing gifts.

Platform: iOS

4. Christmas Gift Planner

Christmas Gift Planner is for planning about your Christmas gifts that you are going to present your beloved ones in upcoming Christmas eve. The other best about Christmas Gift Planner is that it integrates a countdown for Christmas that will tell the people exact days and time left over from Christmas. A single app with two features.

Platform: Android

5. Xmas Organizer

Xmas Organizer is a simple but powerful and comprehensive application for tracking the all record of Christmas gifts list. Some distinctive features of Xmas Organizer are: gift planner, gift ideas, assign gift plan to friends from contact directory, count down widget for remaining Christmas days calculation, maintain a shopping list, etc.

Platform: Android

6. GiftPlanner

GiftPlanner is the easiest and simplest way to organizing Christmas and holiday shopping. GiftPlanner allow the users to add gifts to list directly from the web browsers as well. Use it for adding as many gifts as the user want. The best about GiftPlanner is that it allow the users to send Christmas and other holiday gift cards to their family and friends.


7. Manage Christmas

Manage Christmas is a Christmas gift planner and list manager. It is integrated with lot of ideas and suggestions about Christmas shopping as well. If you want to manage the list of gifts you have purchase for your family and friends then Manage Christmas is an application that will surely help you in managing all in a simple and easy way.

Platform: iOS

8. Christmas Gift Lists

So now the Christmas is come around and you are looking for a Christmas gift planner and organizer then Christmas Gift Lists is such an application. Use Christmas Gift Lists for keeping and tracking the record of gifts that you have bought for your friend and family members. Mark the gift you have purchased and checked those that are still remaining to purchase.

Platform: iOS

9. Gift It

Gift It is a personal Christmas shopping wish list organizer and also a countdown application. Two features in a single app that are then opened in further features and categories. The features of Gift It are: Christmas gift list manager, gift planners, useful for other occasion, availability of Christmas countdown, Christmas budget manager, etc.

Platform: iOS

10. Christmas Gift Hunt

Christmas Gift Hunt is different from other apps of the list. It is actually a Christmas gift earning application. It is a game where the player will get the gifts as a reward for meeting the challenges and achieving the targets set by Christmas Gift Hunt. The games available here are: The Grinch, baby Elf, Elf, Chief of Elves, Mrs. Santa Clause, etc.

Platform: Android

11. No More Socks

No More Socks is another Christmas gift list managing application. The notable features of No More Socks are: create events like Christmas and add people, assign gift to them, allocate budget, and then go for shopping. After each purchases, enter in the application detail and at the end check whether everything went to plan or not.


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