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Prezi is an online presentation maker platform that enables the students and entrepreneurs to create effective presentations. By now 60 million presentations have been made by using Prezi. For its marvelous features and functions, Prezi can be said as the one of the best alternatives to Microsoft PowerPoint and zoho alternatives for making presentations. However, Prezi is not the only web based platform for creating presentations. Here are the best alternatives to Prezi.

1. Microsoft PowerPoint Online

In addition to desktop version of PowerPoint, Microsoft has a web based version of PowerPoint for making presentations collectively by a work team collaborating with each other. Just like desktop version, users can create presentation online with all editing, formatting, tabling and styling features. After completion, presentations can be shared as well.

2. iWork

iWork is another best way for creating presentation in cloud. This productivity web based tool enables the users to create presentation in such a way as they are creating in desktop presentation maker software. The sharing feature of iWork is entirely different from others. It offers the users to share the link of document instead of sending separate documents.

3. PowToon

PowToon is another prezi alternatives web based business and professional presentation maker to present the best idea of your business in a creative and professional way. It is totally free. The best about PowToon is that it allows the users to create animated videos as well in addition to presentations. So, if you want to take advantage of videos presentations as well then PowToon is a right choice.

4. emaze

emaze is an online presentation maker for creating amazing and stunning presentations. Simply select from the customized templates of emaze and starts building your own. emaze presentation method is based on three simple steps that are choosing a template from a template library, create the presentation with the help of editing and designing tools and share with others.

5. Jolicharts

Jolicharts is a platform that will arrange your scattered data into a beautiful way like a professional presentation. Check out what Jolicharts can do? Making of charts, slide shows, presentations, data tables and much other type of flowcharts can be made with the help of Jolicharts. Jolicharts is a great platform for your business’s needs.

6. Zoho

Zoho is an entire web based office suite and applications for creating documents and making professional presentations. If you want to boost your sales in a productive way then Zoho is a platform for all these purposes. Zoho is equally beneficial for sale and marketing purposes whose features and functions ranges from creating to collaboration and sharing.

7. Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck is another online presentation platform and a great solution for creating beautiful and stunning presentations. Use Haiku Deck for creating those presentations that really inspire others and can exert a positive impact of your business. Just brings your idea and data and then Haiku Deck will help you to present it in a business and professional way.

8. Google Docs

Google Docs is the online product of Google for creating and editing documents, spreadsheets and presentations. The presentations that are created on Google Docs can be stored on Google account and after that can be access from anywhere and can be share with others in a few click. It is like your office suite in cloud.

9. CustomShow

CustomShow is a presentation and slide builder platform. This multiplatform sharing and presenting tools enables the teams to work collectively and share work with each other. The core features of CustomShow are: global updates, cloud based platform, multiplatform delivery, real-time collaboration, customized branded design and a mean for improving cost efficiency.

10. SlideDog

SlideDog is one of the best and free multimedia presentation tools for professionals and students. SlideDog is the substitute to the dull and traditional presentations and slide making software. The best about SlideDog is that it can combine all multimedia content in a seamless presentation. SlideDog is compatible with almost all presentation making tools.

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