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Tor browser is basically the product of Mozilla Firefox for hiding the proxy and accessing the blocked websites and contents. Tor is a multiplatform browser and available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X users. It is largely used by the developers to hide their IP address and real geographical location. Moreover, Tor is also used for accessing the blocked websites and blocked contents over the internet. Following are the top rates alternatives to Tor browser.

1. I2P

I2P is an overlay network that assist the users to search and browse the internet safely and securely. I2P can be also used for making safe and secure conversation. The other stunning features of I2P are secure chatting and file transferring. I2P stands for Invisible Internet Project and the computer using I2P is called an I2P node.

2. Freenet

Freenet is a fast and secure platform for accessing those data that is censored by the concerned authorities and also making the secure communication. Freenet actually contains a set of free software that are used for searching, communication and publication without fear of restriction or censorship. Freenet is available for Windows operating systems.

3. Tails

Tails is actually an independent operating system for searching anonymously over the internet. Tails can be used directly from the DVD, USB drive or even an SSD card. The aim of Tails is to make it sure for the users that he is searching by sitting in a safe and secure environment. Use Tails for searching securely and accessing censored data.

4. Freepto

Freepto is a Linux based independent operating system that can be even operated from a USB drive. Take web privacy all the time in your pocket and start safe and secure web browsing anytime and from anywhere. It is a complete set that contains a secure platform for searching, chatting, emailing, browsing and much more.

5. SRWare Iron

SRWare Iron is a powerful, advanced and safe and secure web browser. SRWare Iron is actually based on the Chromium technology and offers almost all system of Chrome but not compromised on the privacy and security like Google Chrome. SRWare Iron is such a browser where you can browse safely and securely by maintaining the privacy.

6. IprediaOS

IprediaOS is a Linux-based operating system that provides an anonymous environment to the users from where he can make safe and secure web surfing. The best about IprediaOS is that it automatically encrypt and anonymize the all network traffic. Moreover, a lot of third-parties applications are available in IprediaOS including Bittorrent, IRC chat, mail system, etc.

7. JonDo Live-CD

JonDo Live-CD is another powerful and advanced platform for secure searching over the internet. JonDo Live-CD can be used for accessing everything over the internet. In addition to web surfing system, JonDo Live-CD has many other third party software that are TorChat, Calibre for eBooks, GIMP, LibreOffice Suite and many other tools.

8. Lightweight Portable Security

Lightweight Portable Security is a portable platform that is being used by the large organisation and agencies of the world. It is available for almost all Intel-based Mac and PCs. Lightweight Portable Security provides a platform for secure web surfing and easily connecting to the remote networks by hiding the IP and real geographical location.

9. PirateBrowser

PirateBrowser is an independent web browser that is the pack of Tor client and Firefox Portable browser. PirateBrowser allows the custom configuration for making it as per the own requirements of the users. PirateBrowser makes it easy for the users to access the every censored data over the internet by any country of the world.

10. Disconnect

Disconnect is an all in one private internet in your device. Millions of people around the world are using Disconnect for protecting their data from trackers and hackers. Disconnect enables the users to search safely and securely over the internet without compromising their privacy and geographical location. Disconnect is also used for accessing blocked websites and contents.

11. Whonix

Whonix is an anonymous and independent operating system that is developed with the aim of protecting the privacy of the users. The best about Whonix is that it is based on the anonymity network of Tor. Whonix contains two system in a one pack; the first one is based on the features of Tor and another one is totally an isolated network.

12. Tox

Tox is an independent operating system for secure and safe communication and chatting. Many secret agencies and government institutes are keeping an eye over the people to monitor the programs used by the users. Here the Tox comes that ensure the privacy of the users and enables them to send files, data, messages and even calls securely and privately.

13. Subgraph OS

Subgraph OS is a safe and independent operating system for secure and safe browsing and communication. Subgraph OS make it easy for the people to live free in the world of technology by not allowing anyone to track their activities over the internet are steal their data. Subgraph OS is a secure network for everyone who is on the internet.

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