21 Sites like Outbrain Alternatives

21 Sites like Outbrain Alternatives

Outbrain is known as one of the best content marketing platforms that assist the users in getting more traffic over their website or blog. It allows the publishers to arrange more traffic for their websites by presenting them relevant URL links. The other best thing about Outbrain is that it also recommends for various news, video, mobile and other online media types. Below are the top rated alternatives to Outbrain.

1. Taboola

First of all, there is Taboola, a platform for the monetizing website by increasing traffic. It is regarded as one of the best content marketing platforms that provide the users relevant links in the shape of related articles, videos, and other online data. It is the direct competitor of Outbrain. Taboola is being used by the BBC< Boston Globe and USA Today.

2. LinkWithin

LinkWithin is a new platform in the world of content marketing. It is for linking your post in the best way by showing related stories under each post. LinkWithin is actually a blog widget that appears under each post and automatically linked the relevant stories to it. By this way, it increases the engagement with users that results in more traffic and monetization.

3. Adblade

Adblade is regarded as the unique advertising and monetization platform that is best for publishers and advertisers. Either you are a publisher or an advertiser and running short of web traffic or unable to target their audience then Adblade is the right tool for you that will target your audience with its native advertising style and will increase the web traffic as well.

4. VigLink

VigLink is another powerful tool and monetization service for bloggers and publishers. It integrates the in-text marketing and advertising solutions. It actually connects the potential consumers to products by hyperlinking particular keywords in a website’s content. VigLink is one of the best content marketing tools for increasing the monetization.

5. Infolinks

Infolinks is a renowned advertising and marketing solution that founds in almost in every website. If you want to know the real power of your ads and publishing then Infolinks is a tool that will bring the real benefit of your products and ads. Infolinks is a simple and easy-to-use application for monetizing all traffic on any platform.

6. Zemanta

Zemanta is an actually a plugin that suggests the publishers and content creators who to link their content for increasing web traffic and money. It suggests the users which link is best to be linked to a context relevant articles. It also suggests the bloggers and publishers images available on the internet that context relevant and also suggests the relevant keywords and tags. Use Zemanta for unlimited campaign analytics via one dashboard.

7. Skimlinks

Skimlinks is a powerful application for increasing the earning from the website and blogs. Skimlinks is a platform for online publishers, bloggers, app developers, editorial sites and social networks platforms to increase the revenue. Skimlinks is actually specialized in in-line text and contextual advertising. Skimlinks is a great tool for exploring the potential of your content.

8. censhare AG

censhare AG is a platform that suggest the commercial and marketing solutions. It is the set of integrated marketing management and offers business communications for all kinds of industries and sectors. censhare AG is a great integrated solution for intelligent business communication. censhare AG is such a great platform to improve the monetization.

9. Sniply

Sniply is a social media conversion platform that assists the publishers and marketers in getting best and more outcomes from the links they share. Share content and links and get traffic by driving it intelligently. The user can insert a call to action to every link they share. Today lot of companies and online publishers are using Snippy for increasing traffic and monetization.

10. Roojoom

Roojoom is for increasing the power of your content. It is for increasing the power of link and content you share with others. Some benefits of using Roojoom are increase engagement, drive traffic and content, support for all devices, get more outcomes from the ads and publishing, increase monetization and much more.

11. MGID

MGID is another powerful service for publishers, advertisers, and bloggers to build a website by acquiring unique visitors and monetizing websites. MGID assists the users in growing traffic and increasing conversions. MGID is an equally beneficial tool for both advertisers and publishers for getting the native acquisition and monetization.


AYBOLL is a platform that lets you get the premium benefits from your online content. It is for earning like premium ads. The native ad widgets of AYBOLL make it easy for the users to increase the web traffic and grow the monetization of the website. AYBOLL is a simple to use installation with zero obligations and start earning instantly and effectively.

13. Gravity

Gravity is the new of getting engagement and driving web traffic. It assists the publishers, advertisers and digital marketers in finding those compelling content that can increase engagement with the help of native ads and enhance monetizing as well. Gravity is for partners, advertisers and publishers. It is one of the best sources for monetization.

14. Engageya

Engageya is a powerful reader exchange ecosystem for both bloggers and publishers. It basically suggests the widget on articles and explores the content to get new visitors, maximize their engagement and boosting the income. The advantages of using Engageya are it is free, compatible with all operating systems and languages, and many more.

15. Sharethrough

Sharethrough is an advanced native advertising and marketing program for advertisers and publishers. App developers can also take advantage from Sharethrough. By using the Sharethrough, users can manage all of their forms of monetization from direct sales to third party programmatic demand with SSP built for native advertising. Sharethrough is one of the best platforms for getting the real benefits from the content and ads.

16. Revcontent

Revcontent is a powerful content marketer that is best known as expert in native advertisement and content marketing. Today many international websites including Forbes, NBC News, CBS Local, E, FantasyPros and many others are using Revcontent to drive their web traffic. Revcontent is surely a quality and performance driven network to increase ROI.

17. Nster

Nster is another powerful and successful service for your website to make it successful. The CPC rates of Nster are excellent and ad system in professional too. When it is about traffic and traffic then Nster is a tool to drive traffic on your website or blog. Use Nster to grow you audience and monetize your website with the help of available easy-to-use tools.

18. Hexagram

Hexagram is also listed among the leading native advertisers of the world. Hexagram is a simple, advanced and professional tool for premium publishers, content markets, brands and agencies. Today hundreds of publishers and advertisers are using Hexagram to increase the traffic and ROI. Hexagram is a source of beautiful native monetization as a high eCPM.

19. Adsnative

Next it is Adsnative, a native ads platform that made the native advertising simple and effective. The best about Adsnative is that it is developers friendly, contains beautiful ads for mobile, new server-side stitching system, availability of best tools, best for exchange, demand manager & enterprises, an all-in-one monetization platform for increasing revenue, etc.

20. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is the money earning system by the Google. Google offers the bloggers and web site owners to place the ads of Google on their websites and get money in returns. Today millions of people are using Google AdSense to turn their passion into revenue. Google AdSense is a free service by the Google for placing ads on your blogs and websites.

21. Content.ad

Content.ad is another ad management service that provides the premium ads and delivers the unique visitors to the websites. Content.ad is also a best source of driving traffic and increasing the strength of engaged visitors. The best about Content.ad is that it is advertisement system is compatible with almost all devices including desktop, tablet and mobile.

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