12 Apps like Freedom to Block Destruction


Freedom is an application that allows the smartphone users to use their devices without any digital destruction. During working over the smartphones, many applications, advertisements and websites annoy the users. Here is the freedom comes that assist the users by blocking these digital distractions and enable the users to be more productive and accomplish tasks more effectively. Following are the one of the best alternatives to Freedom.

1. The Mobile Flow

The Mobile Flow is for maximizing your focus on your device. The Mobile Flow is for experiencing and enjoying the focused and uninterrupted productivity over your smartphone. This application will let you increase your focus and increase the productivity without destruction of smartphone buzzing off the hook. You can share your achievement with others as well.

Platform: iOS

2. Ambiance

Ambiance is an application to create best and focused environment around you. With the help of Ambiance, a user can create a distraction free around them and can focus more on their tasks and activities. Ambiance assists the users in creating a focused environment around them by blocking the digital destruction content.

Platform: Android | iOS

3. Focus Lock

Focus Lock is another focus management application that enables the users to remove their attention from games, videos, shopping, apps and websites that destruct the users while working. Focus Lock assists the users to select those apps and content that disturbs them while working over serious projects. They can lock easily these contents for a time.

Platform: Android

4. Stay Focused

Stay Focused is for those who are addictive of social media platforms and are unable to focus on serious projects. By using this app, users can control their habits by using Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and Viber all the time. The best about Stay Focused is that it is an ad-free; allow the users to set block time for each application, etc.

Platform: Android

5. Forest: Stay focused

Forest: Stay focused is yet another powerful and advance application to maximize your focusing on important projects and tasks. It will assist you in managing those contents that you are addictive off. Start using Forest: Stay focused and beat phone addiction. By using this application, users can manage their time and focus more on important tasks.

Platform: Android | iOS | Windows Phone

6. Pomodoro Time

Pomodoro Time is for staying focused and managing tasks. It is an application that will beat your habit of phone addiction. Pomodoro Time is an application that will create a destruction-free environment for you by blocking the content and application that creates the destruction. The features of Pomodoro Time are managing tasks, track progress, maximize productivity, etc.

Platform: iOS

7. ClearFocus

ClearFocus is for managing tasks by enhancing the focusing ability. The user can focus more on any tasks by avoiding the destructing applications, websites, and other digital contents. It is ClearFocus that enables the users to set a task for them and strict on them. The aim of ClearFocus is making it easier for the user to focus more on important tasks by blocking the destructing content.

Platform: Android

8. ClearLock

ClearLock is a free application for blocking the destructions. ClearLock is one of the best digital destruction blockers that helps the smartphone users to block all kind of distractions and stop procrastinating to increase their productivity by concentrating and focusing more on what is most important and matters most.

Platform: Android

9. Flipd – Remove Distractions

Flipd – Remove Distractions is especially for the students and is developed by the students. Flipd – Remove Distractions is a great source of blocking destruction over the smartphone. For students, concentration and focus are the important factors to get more and concentrate more on the task that matters most. It is Flipd – Remove Distractions that assist the students to block all kind of destruction over the phone.

Platform: Android

10. AppDetox

If you are an app addictive or a heavy app user and this habit is destructing you from your original tasks and goals then AppDetox is an app that will assist you in managing this habit. It will gradually break your addictive app usage habit and will enable you to focus more on your important tasks and projects. AppDetox is a best destruction managing application.

Platform: Android

11. FocusON

FocusON is a destruction blocker application that is used for blocking application and their notifications to avoid any kind of destruction. It is one of the best application that assist the users in blocking those apps, websites, notification and other digital contents that are creating destruction and wasting precious time. Just select an app and set the timer and it will be blocked.

Platform: Android

12. Web Blocker

Web Blocker is for fighting against destruction and procrastination. It for focusing more on those matters those are most important. Web Blocker assists the users in managing their focusing habit and increasing their productivity. Web Blocker is a perfect application to be used during exams time as it will block the websites and their notification and the user will be able to focus easily on important tasks.

Platform: Android

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