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Diigo is a bookmarking site that enables the users to store their bookmarks, tags and webpages to easily access them next time. Diigo is the best bookmark manager alternatives and Xmark alternatives. The other stunning advantage of using Diigo is that it makes it easy for the users to organize and customize their links, references and personal data to structure their web research. Moreover, the data organized at Diigo can be shared with other friends as well. Following are the Diigo alternatives.

1. Netvouz

Netvouz is a web based bookmark manager for saving your tags, web pages, links and bookmarks. Netvouz is an online platform where you can save above mentioned files and then can access all from any computer, anytime and anywhere. The other best feature of Netvouz is organizing and categorizing the data according to specified folders.

2. Xmarks

Xmarks is for social annotation and search enhancement. Xmarks is actually based on sites that are frequently bookmarked by the users. In short, by using Xmarks, users can access anytime their favorite bookmarked websites or web pages. The best about Xmarks is that it provides the functions relevant to synchronization and best search.

3. BookmarkSync

BookmarkSync is one of the best automatic synchronizations platforms that make it easier for the users to access their favorite webpages or bookmarks from any web browser or computer system. It is a small program that operates within computer system tray and automatically monitors the bookmarks of the users in their browsers.

4. Delicious

Delicious is another powerful and advanced social bookmarking service for accessing the favorite websites easily. By using the Delicious, users can save, organize and share the website, pages, tags and bookmarks. Delicious is listed among the leading social bookmark platforms of the world. It is the best replacement of Diigo.

5. Evernote

Evernote is for collecting your meaningful information at one place. It is an application for organizing all you data across all your devices and then accessing from any device, anytime, anywhere. There are three plans of Evernote mainly basic, plus and premium. Basic is totally free while plus and premium are against some charges.

6. Historio

Historio is an all-in-one bookmark search engine that brings back your favorite sites. Just get free account of Historio and start saving your important webpages, websites, tags and any other piece of information. All these then can be access easily and simply. The other best thing about Historio is that it allows the users to share the data with friends as well.

7. Papaly

Papaly is a personalized bookmarking platform for saving and managing bookmarks of all kinds. The main advantage of using Papaly is that it lets the users to create custom folders or categories and then arrange or store the bookmarks or tags according to their designated categories or folders. By this way user can access to bookmarks simply and easily.

8. Instapaper

Instapaper is a user friendly platform for saving webpages or bookmarks and then retrieving from iOS, Android or any other computer easily and freely. Instapaper is a simple and easier way to save and store webpages, tags or even entire articles for reading offline, anywhere, anytime in the same style as it was during online mode.

9. Pinboard

Pinboard is a social bookmarking platform that is especially designed for the introverts to bring color of information in their life. Pinboard is for those people who always care about their security and privacy. The other stunning feature of Pinboard is that it requires no kind of ads and no kind of third party tracking system is involved in Pinboard.

10. Bookmark Manager

Bookmark Manager is an extension for Google Chrome for managing bookmarks. It makes it easy and simple for the users to store and access their bookmarks. The other best function of Bookmark Manager is that it allows the users to save images and notes to their bookmarks. All this can be done within few clicks only.

11. Gimmebar

Gimmebar is an online bookmark service for saving the websites without bookmarking the websites or webpages. The best about Gimmebar is that in addition to keeping bookmarks, it stores the personal items and data of users into a personal cloud library. Gimmebar is a platform for organizing stuff, discovering new information and sharing with others.

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