10 Ultra Downloader Plus like Apps for YouTube Downloader


Ultra Downloader Plus is a YouTube video downloading app. However, in addition to downloading YouTube videos, Ultra Downloader Plus allows the users to download videos from all over the internet as well. The other best feature of Ultra Downloader Plus us its option for streaming videos over the internet, User of Ultra Downloader Plus can stream videos of SmartTV, Xbox, PS4 and many others platform. Following are the best alternatives to Ultra Downloader Plus.

1. Lite

Lite is a fast and secure downloader to download videos over the internet. Lite allows the users to download videos of all type from the internet. After downloading, Lite allows the users to watch the downloaded files by simply clicking on them. The other features of Lite are: fast downloader, resuming capability, download files of unknown size, etc.


2. Internet Download Manager

Internet Download Manager or simply IDM is a fast download manger that comes with variety of options. The user of IDM can download files of all size and every type. Either it is about downloading PDF files, mp3, mp4, html, iso, rar, exe or any other type of file, IDM is perfect for all. Then there is resume capability of IDM that allows user to resume and start from the same.

Platform: Android

3. MediaTap

MediaTap is a powerful YouTube downloader. Don’t worry; MediaTap is also capable in downloading videos from other sites in addition to YouTube. Just like other video downloader, MediaTap also offers the users to stop their downloading at any time and resume from the same place and the downloading will be start from the paused position.

Platform: Android | iOS

4. Ultimate Downloader

Ultimate Downloader is one of the best video downloader for Windows Phone. The unique feature of Ultimate Downloader is that in addition to downloading videos, it also enables the users to play the downloaded fields as well. However, currently in opening and playing mode, it is supporting video and music files only.

PlatformWindows Phone

5. Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus is a free video downloader that is best for gaining the best downloading speed over the internet. All features of Download Accelerator Plus are totally free. When the matter is about downloading unlimited files with unlimited size and types then Download Accelerator Plus is a best choice for all purposes.

Platform: Android

6. Loader Droid Download Manager

Loader Droid Download Manager is a powerful download manager for downloading applications and files of all type. Either it is about downloading music, images, videos, PDF, applications, software or anything else, Loader Droid Download Manager is perfect for managing and downloading each and every type of file without and interruption.

Platform: Android

7. Download Accelerator

Download Accelerator is for boosting your downloading speed two times greater than other one. Download Accelerator is a best downloader for resuming the broken downloading files. The other best features of Download Accelerator are: downloading multiple files at the same time, monitoring downloading performance, managing downloaded files, etc.


8. ADA Download Accelerator

ADA Download Accelerator is a free accelerator and downloader for downloading files of every type over the internet. Just like other downloaders, ADA Download Accelerator supports the functions of resuming, pausing and downloading multiple files simultaneously. ADA Download Accelerator supports all type of files for downloading.

Platform: Android

9. Download Manager

Download Manager is for downloading mega size files without any effort. The best about Download Manager is that it supports the downloading of every type of files in the background. Just start downloading via Download Manager and do your own work and Download Manager will perform downloading in the background.

Platform: Windows Phone

10. aria2

aria2 is a download manager for downloading videos, music, PDF files and many other content over the internet. Some great features of aria2 are: multi-connection download, lightweight, support for Bit Torrent client, metalink enables and remote control system. aria2 is a great download manager for downloading and managing torrent files also.

Platform: Android

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