Top 15 Bible Reading Apps


Bible apps are those apps that enables the users to Bible from their smartphones. Most of the Bible reading apps available for smartphones to read the Bible in various international languages. Reader can highlight the text, can add reminder for future remembrance and much more. As the Christmas is near, here are some best Bible reading apps.

1. Bible Offline

Bible Offline enable the users to read the Holy Bible in over 75 international languages. This app contains the various version of Bible. Bible Offline is a best application for reading Bible in offline mode. Other feature of Bible Offline are: bookmarks, night read mode, devotionals, share with others, tablet layout, and many more.

Platform: Android

2. King James Bible

King James Bible is the best Bible reading application for your smartphones that will give your free hand for reading Bible especially in the season of Christmas. King James Bible is the translation of Christian Bible by the Church of England and it is in English. Moreover, King James Bible is available in other international languages as well.

Platform: Android

3. Bible KJV

Bible KJV is an application that enables the users to read the Bible of King James in offline mode. No need of internet connection. Bible KJV is the pack of eight English versions of Bible that the users can download and read in offline mode. Other features of Bible KJV are: bookmark verses, highlight verses, Bible maps, Bible plans, make notes, etc.


4. Bible.Is

Bible.Is is for reading the message of God in a unique and simple style. It is for all type of event and time. Either you are in home or church you can read Bible by Bible.Is. Bible.Is is available in over 1,674 international languages. The best feature of Bible.Is is that in addition to seeing and reading, reader can listen its verses as well.

Platform: Android | iOS

5. ESV CrossWay

ESV CrossWay is designed in a simple and easy to use interface to make it sure for the reader that he can read the Holy Bible easily. The best about ESV CrossWay is that it is compatible with Apple Watch. The other stunning features of ESV CrossWay are: study whole Bible, listen in addition to reading, set reading plans, search easily, marks important points, etc.

Platform: Android | iOS

6. Bible JFA Offline

Bible JFA Offline is for reading Bible in offline model. It is available in Portuguese languages. Moreover, it is available in other dozens of international languages. Other features of Bible JFA Offline are: read offline, Biblical dictionary & maps, night read mode, book mark, notes making, highlight text, color marker, sharing verses, etc.

PlatformiOS | Windows Phone

7. Bible

Bible is the pack of over 1,000 versions of Bible. These versions are available in over 775 languages. The other features of Bible are: read in offline mode, audio Bibles, verse of the day, use the Bible with friends, study the Bible without any limitation, set the reading plans, watch the video of Bible based TV series, and much more.

Platform: Android | iOS | Windows Phone

8. NIV Bible

NIV Bible is the fastest and simplest way for reading Bible. NIV Bible is the new version of international Bible. Basic version of NIV Bible is available in English language. The other unique features of NIV Bible are: take notes, highlight text, add margin notes, bookmark verses, easy navigation, full screen mode, night mode reading, etc.

Platform: Android | iOS

9. Bible NIV

Bible NIV is just like NIV Bible. Bible NIV is only for BlackBerry and Windows Phone. Bible NIV is available in various features that are: send verses to your friends via email, searching, best for touch screen phones, beautiful and easy to use interface, get daily verse of the day, and many more. Bible NIV is the best application for reading Holy Bible.

Platform: Windows Phone

10. Glo Bible

Glo Bible or Bible+ is another powerful application for reading Bible. The features of Glo Bible are: translates by the best translators, explore the world of Bible, multi-device, rich media, best tools for reading sharing verses with others, marking, highlighting, bookmarking and many other stunning features are available in Glo Bible.

Platform: Windows Phone | iOS

11. Olive Tree Bible Study

Olive Tree Bible Study is another Bible reading application for understanding the message of God in real term. The stunning features of Olive Tree Bible Study are: offline studying, cloud synchronization, power full tools & resources, side by study store, immersive Bible study, personal Bible study, daily reading plans, social sharing and many more.

Platform: Android | iOS

12. Logos Bible App

Logos Bible App is for exploring the digital version of Bible in a unique style. It is like a Bible in your pocket and you can take it to any way for reading anytime. The notable features of Logos Bible App are: synchronize notes in all devices, connect with other Bible platform, dozens of Bible versions, summarized Bible, and many more.

Platform: Android | iOS

13. Bible Gateway

Bible Gateway is for reading Bible from dozens of available Bible versions. Moreover, the Bibles available at Bible Gateway can be read in dozens of international and local languages. The stunning features of Bible Gateway are: translation in over 90 languages, easy to use, availability of reliable versions, daily reading plans, audio system, etc.

Platform: Android | iOS

14. Blue Letter Bible

Blue Letter Bible is for reading Bible of KJV, NET, NKJV, NIV, ESV, HCSB, NASB, RSV, and dozens of others. The available functions and features in Blue Letter Bible are: availability of dictionaries, word search system, verse search system, PDF document reader mode, text and font style, study in Hebrew and Greek version and much more.

Platform: Android | iOS

15. AcroBible

AcroBible is another best application for reading Bible in offline mode. The features available in AcroBible are: navigation system, easy search system, copy to clipboard, mark verses, highlight verses, keyword search, free translations of KJV, ASY, Darby RVA, etc. and many others. AcroBible is a great application for reading the message of God.

Platform: Android | iOS

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