Top 10 Best Apps like HiPStore


HiPStore is one of the best vShare alternatives and Appcake alternatives that enable the Android and iOS users to install almost all apps on their smartphones without going for Cydia or jailbreak issues. It is actually a platform of cracked app that offers the smartphone users to enjoy premium and paid apps for free. Saying this will not be wrong that up to some extent HiPStore is one of the best ‘alternatives to Google PlayStore’ as well. However, following are the further apps like HiPStore.

1. vShare

First one in the list is vShare that is one of the best platforms for downloading those cracked app that are being offering by Apple Store and Google Play Store against some prices. The list of apps available here is unlimited. You can imagine from that the most of the apps available in the market of vShare are high and top rated that are almost free.

2. Zeusmos

Zeusmos is the highest collection of the cracked apps. The best thing about Zeusmos is that in addition to accessing the apps without any of the red tape, it enables the users to share these apps with other as well. It is a best all in one app to accessing paid apps for free without any jailbreaking and other formalities regarding Cydia or something else

3. iFunBox

Most of the iOS users is of the belief that iFunBox is only a file and app management app for their iDevices. But they are unaware of the fact that iFunBox also works as vShare or HiPStore. Actually iFunBox allows the iOS users to install IPA packages from in-house distribution that is created with Apple’s Developer Enterprise Program and enjoy cracked apps for free.

4. AppCake

The other name of AppCake is the cracked iOS and Mac App Store just like Apple App Store. AppCake enables the both iOS and Mac OS X user to freely download the one of the best and most popular apps in cracked position with or without jailbreak. List of cracked apps includes: books, kids, entertainment, lifestyle, finance, medical, games, health, food and many more.

5. PandaApp

PandaApp is a free life for your mobile. If you are a person who wants to access thousands of apps for free and are unable to get it either from Apple Store or Google Play Store then simply use PandaApp and enjoy the thousands of high rated cracked apps for free. PandaApp is the best collections fir new gadgets, jailbreak apps and many more.

6. AppAddict

AppAddict is another platform for cracked iOS and OS X apps for free. Either it is about new & noteworthy apps or top paid apps; AppAddict is a best platform or all. Install AppAddict and enjoy most popular apps and games like FPS Movie FX, Block Fortess, BallTune, Grand Theft Auto, MineCraft, Scientific Calculator and many more.

7. 25pp

Install 25pp and download thousands of cracked apps for free. In fact, 25pp has its own jailbreaking system that enables the iOS users to download various apps and games for free. Most of the apps available here are available at iTunes or Apple Store against charges. The best about 25pp is that it includes those apps that you may have not encounter at Apple Store.

8. Kuaiyong

Kuaiyong is another software for downloading and installing paid app on any iOS device for free without any price and jailbreaking complexities. Just download Kuaiyong and directly enjoy the thousands of high and top rated apps for free. The best about Kuaiyong is that it requires no cost, no hidden charges, and no waiting time for further processing.


iPASTORE is an application that works on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices and then allows the users to download cracked apps on their iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. iPASTORE is a universal app that works everywhere without any location or geographical restrictions. Use iPASTORE and access to paid apps for free and get free updates of new arrival as well.

10. Aptoide

Aptoide is an independent app store just like Google Play Store. It is for Android users that offers them to download those apps and games that are not available at the platform of Google Play Store. The best and unique about Aptoide is that it allows the users to manage their own app store and upload the apps created by them and approve these apps.

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