10 Sites like HideMyAss for Proxy Server


Hide My Ass is a web based VPN service for accessing every blocked website. Hide My Ass enables the users to access any site by hiding their IP address or any other kind of location identity. The functions and features of Hide My Ass are: access every website around the world from any corner, prevent hackers from stealing your identity or account information, surf securely and privately. Following are the top ten alternatives to HideMyAss.

1. Tor

Tor is the browser by Mozilla Firefox for accessing data over the internet. Tor is a free application that enables the user to browse safely and over the internet and prevents others from seeking your location. Tor is an open source platform for Android, Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and UNIX based operating systems. Tor is a best platform for searching every websites.

2. Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access is an anonymous VPN platform for those who wants to access everything over internet without showing their location and any other identity. It actually encrypts the connection of the users and then provides the users an anonymous IP address to protect their privacy and allowing them to search securely and safely.

3. Proxify

Proxify is for searching safely over the internet. The best about Proxify is that it is a multi-platform application that can be used from almost all web browsers and almost all popular operating systems. Use Proxify and switch your real location with proxy satellites. Proxify is a great platform for anonymous online and hiding the real IP address.

4. Privacy

Privacy is your personal protection tool against world mass surveillance. Privacy is a best platform for organisations to monitor their online activities and keep the record of all. Privacy is basically an independent and powerful search engine where the user can search anything securely and privately by hiding their real IP address.

5. Anonymouse

Anonymouse is for protection your data and privacy for free. Anonymouse is an easy to use and free application for searching anonymously. Just enter the name of the any website and start searching anonymously. Anonymouse website enables the users to search out on the web by hiding their personal information and IP address.

6. Public Proxy Servers

Public Proxy Servers assists the users to protect their real identity and avoid the searching restrictions. Public Proxy Servers is the platform of lot of public servers. It is an independent proxy checking system. Public Proxy Servers enables the users to protect their real identity including IP address and avoid the surfing restrictions.

7. Public CGI

Public CGI is a free anonymous proxy platform. Just insert the ULR of your favorite website and starts random searching by the random proxy system of Public CGI. The best about Public CGI is that it allows the users to select the proxies according to their favorite countries. Public CGI is a free way of searching and securing the privacy and identity.

8. PageWash

PageWash is a free website for accessing blocked website. By using the free service of PageWash, user can quickly and instantly access millions of website and data for free by hiding websites. PageWash is a best way for hiding your identity and IP address. It is very easy to access every blocked and unblocked data for free.

9. Hiload

Hiload is an easy, fast and secure web proxy platform for unblocking all websites. The usage of Hiload is very simple. Just enter the URL of website and start searching instantly by revealing identity. The features of Hiload are: unblock websites, HTML5 proxy video support, access any website, supports for torrent sites, and secure browsing.

10. YouHide

YouHide is a free online proxy service for accessing blocked websites without revealing identity. YouHide provides a firewalls system that will protect the users when they will start searching from the YouHide. YouHide is a platform of secure proxy servers that provides a unique identity. Just enter the name of website and fly freely.

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