10 CRM Plugins like Streak Gmail


Streak is a plugin CRM plugin for Gmail for managing the relationships with customers. Streak is a multiplatform tool that allows the entrepreneurs and business managers to control all their business, sales flow, customer opinion and much more from a single inbox of Streak. Streak is an alternative to Zoho CRM. The powerful management tool of Streak are: view tracking, mail merge, send later options, snippets, thread splitter, snooze and much more. Following are the best ‘alternatives to Streak for Gmail’.

1. CRM for Gmail

CRM for Gmail is a plugin for Gmail for managing the customers. The notable features of CRM for Gmail are: view sales reports in inbox, manage the opportunities, maintain task via task reminder, mange teams, and much more. The tools available in CRM for Gmail are: Gmail account, contacts, Google Drive, Calendar, task reminder, etc.

2. Agile CRM

Agile CRM is one of the best sales and marketing automation program for Gmail accounts holders. Agile CRM is the platform of intelligent automation, social media integration, email sending system, team management, mobile marketing, telephony and other fifty essential tools. Agile CRM is a great tool for monitoring marketing and enhancing sales.

3. Boomerang for Gmail

Contacting with customers, partners and employees at the right time is one of the important tasks of a business. To ease the business managers, Boomerang for Gmail is a best plugin that enables the managers, entrepreneurs, sales teams, market teams and project management, manage the emails and schedule them for later sending.

4. InStream

InStream is a personalized targeting system that provides the real time targeting by giving the best tools. InStream gives the control to sale and market managers over mobile marketing, digital receipt, social media accounts, digital receipts and many more. Many other tools like email marketing, marketing platform, webmail service, online form builder, etc. are the part of InStream.

5. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is a multiplatform CRM platform that can be integrated into Gmail account as well. By integrating the Zoho CRM into Gmail account, user can view the complete sales pipeline and sales cycle in their inbox. Zoho CRM is a best source for viewing and examining reports, identifying opportunities, and increasing efficiency.

6. Pipeliner CRM

Pipeliner CRM is one of the best alternatives to Zoho CRM as just like Zoho CRM, Pipeliner CRM can be integrated into Gmail account for controlling all the features of Pipeliner CRM from inbox. Pipeliner CRM is designed to providing the sales team complete control over the sales and sales activities for sales teams to customers’ trends and complaints.

7. ClinchPad

ClinchPad is for small and medium size sales and marketing teams for organizing their targets in an efficient way. ClinchPad is a plugin for Gmail that brings the all tools and essential requirements at the one place. It is very easy to comprehend the reports generated by the ClinchPad and these will surely assist the mangers in streamlining their workflow.

8. Unroll.me

Unroll.me is for managing the emails by viewing all subscription emails in inbox of Gmail account. Unroll.me allows the users to combine all of their subscribed emails into a single platform and read whatever you want. Unroll.me is a great platform for managing emails of customers, partners, and project management teams.

9. Insightly

Insightly is for Gmail account holders for getting all information about customers in real time and enhancing the engagement with them. By using the Insightly, project managers, sales managers and market managers can get the information about running projects, contacts, and identifying the opportunities. Insightly is a great source for CRM.

10. ActiveInbox

ActiveInbox is another email management plugin for Gmail account holders who wants to manage all their emails. It allows the users to decide which email they want to read and which they want to read later or should be moved to trash. ActiveInbox is also a best plugin for managing the contacts and communications with team, partner and customers.

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