16 Apps like vShare Alternatives


vShare is an all-in-one application that allows the iOS and Android users to download top and high rated applications and games for free. It is just like Google Play Store or AppStore but with the main difference and that is availability of fee content. For its availability of free games and applications, vShare is not a Cydia and Cydia tweak. vShare is the best Appcake alternatives and Installous alternatives. It does not allow your iPhone to be jailbreak or have Cydia installed.

1. HiPStore

HiPStore is an independent market for free cracked apps that can be downloaded for iOS and Android mobile operating systems. The best about HiPStore is that it allows the users to browse, download and install thousands of apps for free. Almost all apps available at HiPStore are those that are in the list of premium and paid on Google Play Store and AppStore.

2. AppCake

AppCake can be said as the second face of vShare. The best about AppCake is that it allows the users to install cracked IPA files. Here the users can download free apps of all type for their jailbroken devices. Moreover, it is important to point out here that AppCake can be used for jailbroken devices. So, if you want to enjoy free and cracked apps then get your device jailbreak.

3. iFunBox

iFunBox is an all in one free file management platform for iOS, Mac OS X and Windows operating systems. Many users think that iFunBox is for managing files and apps only. But the hidden feature of iFunBox is that it allows the users to install IPA packages from in house distribution that is controlled with Apple’s Developers Enterprise Program.

4. Kuaiyong

Kuaiyong is another application for the iOS users to access and download paid apps for free. The best about Kuaiyong is that it can be also used on non-jailbroken sets. So, the users who are searching for alternatives of vShare are suggested to install Kuaiyong on their set and install paid apps for free. Kuaiyong is one of the best alternatives to HiPStore.

5. 25pp

The main advantage of using 25pp is that it has its own jailbreak system. So, if you are unable to install cracked app for using another non-compatible jailbreaking system then simply use 25pp for getting free and paid apps for free. The other best thing of 25pp is that it can be used equally on both jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices.

6. AppAddict

AppAddict is a market place for cracked app. The best about AppAddict is that in addition to iOS, its cracked apps are also available for Mac OS X. The other best thing about AppAddict is that it is also compatible with the latest launched Apple iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S. So, don’t wait for another platform for cracked app, AppAddict is a perfect place.

7. PandaApp

PandaApp is a free life center for your smartphones for getting paid and premium apps for free. When you will enter here, you will come to know that every data and information is available here is for free. It can be simply said as the perfect place for getting paid and premium apps for free. Moreover, the apps available here are of full version, no trial and demo system.

8. Aptoide

Aptoide can be said as another Android App Store. It is one of the best alternatives to Google Play Store. Just like Google Play Store, it is an independent apps store for Android users. The fine line between Aptoide and Google Play Store is that unlike Google Play Store, the apps listed at Aptoide are cracked and available for free. Developers can boost their skills here as well.

9. Mevvy

Mevvy is the discovery channel of free apps. The main advantage of using Mevvy is of its being multifunctional. The best about Mevvy is that can be used by iOS, Blackberry, Windows OS, and Mac OS X for getting apps for free. Moreover, Mevvy can be used for getting free extensions and ad-ons in addition to apps and games.


Either your iDevice is jailbroken or non-jailbroken, iPASTORE will work on both. It is such type of platform that daily comes with latest apps and games for free. The other advantages of using iPASTORE are that it is very easy to install both iPASTORE and the apps downloaded from iPASTORE, over the air app installation and sharing with others. Duplicate installation is another function of iPASTORE.

11. Zeusmos

Zeusmos is a code signing solution for getting share and installing apps for free without any registration process and other formality. Zeusmos is one of the best alternatives to AppCake for getting and installing cracked apps for free. It is the market of getting those apps that are otherwise available on AppStore for price.

12. AppTrackr

AppTrackr is the easiest and safest way for getting free apps and many other stuff in addition to apps. The process is very simple. Just navigate to the official website of AppTrackr from your phone and then select your iDevice on which you want to download and install the cracked app. So, by following few simple steps, you can get free apps.

13. iTongPush

iTongPush is one of the best alternatives to iFunbox for downloading and installing IPA apps just like iFunBox. The best about iTongPush is that it lists the almost all apps available on AppStore and on other most popular apps providing websites. There are unlimited apps and games available here for free.

14. Apps.su IPA Site

Apps.su IPA Site is just like AppCake but on the same time a perfect alternative to vShare as well. It is a best platform for jailbroken iDevice for downloading and installing cracked and other apps for free. Apps.su IPA Site deals in games, entertainment, music, health & care, lifestyle, news, medical, education and dozens of other fields.

15. APPVV IPA Site

APPVV IPA Site is your next platform for cracked apps and games. The best and unique thing about APPVV IPA Site is that the apps available here are for free that are against prices at AppStore. So, it can be said as that APPVV IPA Site is also a platform for getting paid apps for free.

16. Mob IPA Site

Next platform for app lovers for getting free apps is Mob IPA Site. The best thing about Mob IPA Site is that in addition to free apps, it also provides the free ringtones and games as well. The other best thing about Mob IPA Site is that the users can get the wallpapers for free as well.

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