Top 13 Earthquake Alert Apps for Android and iPhone


Earthquake alert apps are those applications for smartphone that notify the users about earthquake or aftershocks in an area. With the using of these apps, users come to know about the magnitude of the earthquake. User can also get the report and other necessary detail of quake and can share the information with others over social media as well. Here are best one earthquake alert applications for smartphones.

1. Disaster Alert

Disaster Alert is an earthquake, tsunami and another disaster notifying application designed by the Pacific Disaster Center. It alerts the users about earthquake, flood, weather, tsunami and other natural disaster in advance and enables the users to take safety measures in advance. Disaster Alert is a great app to remain alert for all natural disasters.

Platform: Android | iOS | Windows Phone

2. Earthquake by American Red Cross

Earthquake by American Red Cross is an app for getting the real time alert and updates about quakes. It also provides the safety tips in case of quake. In case of earthquake, it will immediately notify you by sending alert on the main screen. The advantage of using Earthquake by American Red Cross is that it guides the users before, during and after quake.

Platform: Android | iOS

3. Oz Quake

Oz Quake also known as Earthquake+ is an app that tells about earthquake in advance. Oz Quake is like your alert system that will warn you in case of probability of earthquake. It provides the complete detail of the quakes about their whole scientific process. The alert, news, map and information can be shared on Twitter and Facebook.

Platform: Android | iOS

4. Earthquake Map and Alerts

Earthquake Map and Alerts is for getting the news about any quakes in advance in order to adopt security measure in advance. By using this app, user can set alerts according to their area and distance. In case of chances of quake, user will get the alerts. Moreover, it also display the detail about earthquake occurred, its magnitude and intensity.

Platform: Android | iOS

5. ubAlert

ubAlert is another natural disaster alert application. It is one of the best ‘alternative to Disaster Alert’ as it also notifies about upcoming natural disaster in advance including tsunami, flood, weather condition, earthquake and such type of others. The user of ubAlert can view complete report of any disaster and can share with others as well.

Platform: Android | iOS

6. Earthquake Lite

Earthquake Lite is for getting international reporting, maps and information over world earthquakes. The best about Earthquake Lite is that in addition to earthquakes, it also notifies about tsunami. The user can see the full map of quake affected areas. It allows the users to filter the search according to magnitude, location and time.

Platform: Android | iOS

7. Earthquake Alert!

Earthquake Alert! is an app that alerts the users in case of earthquake. For U.S residents it displays the quakes having magnitude of over 1.0 and for rest of world it displays the magnitude of earthquake over 4.0. The other best advantage of using Earthquake Alert! is that user can see the satellite view of the affected areas and can share report with others over social media.

Platform: Android

8. Zapi Quake

Zapi Quake is an earthquake teller application for Windows Phone. It gives the detail about recent earthquake across New Zealand. It gives the users information about longitude, latitude and magnitude. The other function of Zapi Quake is that it also tells the users about the thirty recent quakes occurred in across the New Zealand.

PlatformWindows Phone

9. iSeismometer

iSeismometer is for detecting possibility of earthquake. It stores ten seconds of data that can be share on website and over social media platforms. User can set alarm in case of sudden motion. The other functions of iSeismometer are adjustable sampling rate, time line drawing, alarm to detect sudden changes and many more.

Platform: Android | iOS

10. QuakeWatch

QuakeWatch is for monitoring and get alerts about earthquakes in United States, United Kingdom and Canada. In addition to these countries, QuakeWatch provides detail about many other countries of the world as well. User of Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Iceland and Italy can also use QuakeWatch to remain alert about earthquake.


11. My Earthquake Alerts

My Earthquake Alerts is for getting notification and alerts about earthquakes from all over the world. It delivers all those information that is necessary for earthquake point of view. The functions and features of My Earthquake Alerts are: powerful search & filter system, easy to use interface, know about exact location, distance and magnitude, history about past quakes, etc.

Platform: Android | iOS

12. GeoNet Quake

GeoNet Quake is for the people of New Zealand to get news about quakes and aftershocks. By using this app, user can set multiple notifications by location and intensity or depth and magnitude. It displays the recent quakes list wise and then the user can filter them according to magnitude and intensity. The results can be share on social media as well.

Platform: Android | iOS

13. Earthquake Nepal

Earthquake Nepal is for the people of Nepal to get alerts of earthquakes in case of magnitude higher than 4. The functions and features of Earthquake Nepal are: data from USGS & National Seismological Centre, get notification of quakes and aftershocks, history of past earthquakes in Nepal since 1994, take screenshots, damages and relief work updates, etc.

Platform: Android

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