Top 15 Bookmark Manager Apps and Extensions


Bookmark managers apps, tools or extensions enables the users to organize their entire bookmark in a one centralized platform. Almost all bookmark manager apps enables the users to edit, delete, add and organize their webpages by gaining complete control over bookmarks. The other features of these bookmark managers are that they can be mange via computer, phone and even web browsers. Following are the top fifteen bookmark manager apps.

1. Xmarks

Xmarks is the best bookmark manager for controlling your saved and favorite webpages. Xmarks enable the users to easily manage all their websites. The best about Xmarks is that it is a multiplatform extension that is available for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. Use Xmarks for synchronization, backup and faster search.

Paltform: Android | iOS

2. Save to Pocket

Save to Pocket is the smart and efficient way for storing and saving your favorite web pages in digital pocket in few clicks. Just install the Save to Pocket and click on the Pocket button and get the link of website in your digital pocket. The multi-platform Save to Pocket is available for Windows, iOS, Android and Mac OS X.

Platform: Android | iOS

3. Delicious Bookmarks

Delicious Bookmarks is the next best way for storing and discovering the webpages in a professional way. The best about Delicious Bookmarks is that it allows its users to share their saved bookmarks with others. Delicious Bookmarks is the best way of exploring, sharing and organizing the webpages at a single platform of the Delicious Bookmarks.

Platform: Android | iOS

4. FVD Speed Dial

FVD Speed Dial is an easiest way to accessing the frequently visited webpages. FVD Speed Dial is highly customizable tool where the users can store their bookmarks in a convenient way. The cool functions and features of FVD Speed Dial are: fully synchronization, easy to sue, simple interface, beautiful design, free, security system, etc.

Platform: Android | iOS | Windows Phone

5. Diigo

Diigo is a social bookmarking platform where the registered users can tag webpages and bookmark webpages. The other best feature of Diigo is that it enables the users to add notes or highlight the specific part of the stored webpages to see at later for their reminder. Diigo is an all in one bookmark manager for reading and research purposes.

Platform: Android | iOS

15. Private Bookmarks

Private Bookmarks is a bookmark manager extension for UC Browser. It enables the users of UC Browser to manage organize their webpages in a bookmark folder of Private Bookmarks. In that’s way. Private Bookmarks ensure the security of your bookmark folder that can’t be access by anyone without your permission.

Platform: Android

7. Weave

Weave is an all in one webpages managers that enables the Mozilla Firefox users to maintain their web pages and tags. The best about Weave is that it organize the chunks of webpages into an organised way and enable the users to improve the performance of their search and access to their favorite bookmarks instantly and easily.

8. Symbaloo

Symbaloo is your bookmarks manager in cloud. Symbaloo is a free cloud based social bookmarking platform for business and education purpose. It enables the users to synchronize the favorite bookmarks between PC, smartphones and tablets. The other best feature of Symbaloo is that it allows the users to share the favorite bookmarks with others.

9. Bookmark Manager

Bookmark Manager is an extension for Google Chrome for managing and organizing the bookmarks in a smarter and simpler way. Here are the some technical features and functions of Bookmark Manager: save web pages by one click, add images and notes to pages, share bookmarks with others, better searching, categories bookmarks by topics, etc.

10. Neater Bookmarks

Neater Bookmarks is another bookmark manger extension for Google Chrome for managing the webpages and tags. If you want to manage and organize your bookmarks in a comprehensive and neatly manner then use Neater Bookmarks. If you are looking for a bookmark extension for your Mac OS X or Linux OS then use Neater Bookmarks.

11. Dewey Bookmarks

Dewey Bookmarks is your bookmark manager for Google Chrome. It is such a platform in cloud that allows you to add screenshots and custom tags in addition to simple webpages. If you want to store screenshots, images and tags in addition to webpages then use Dewey Bookmarks for managing all these. Dewey Bookmarks is a best platform for centralizing your web searching.

12. Bookmarks Tab

Bookmarks Tab is an ad-on for Mozilla Firefox for simply managing and listing the bookmarks in a best way. For managing your entire bookmarks and accessing the frequently visited websites, Bookmarks Tab is best for all these purposes. The current version of Bookmarks Tab is compatible with Mozilla Firefox 11.0 to 41.

13. Bookmarks Tagger

Bookmarks Tagger is for managing bookmarks and adding tags to them to easily access them later. The tags system allows the users to retrieve the webpages via the address bar and that are the two main functions and features of Bookmarks Tagger. The other features of Bookmarks Tagger are edit and remove bookmarks and tags, import bookmark and tags, etc.

14. Owncloud Bookmarks

Owncloud Bookmarks is a powerful and smarter way of managing and organizing bookmarks and tags. The best thing about Owncloud Bookmarks is that it enables the users to manage their bookmarks according to categories. That means fun bookmarks webpages will go into fun folder, music into music folder, news into news folder, etc.

15. Google Bookmarks

Google Bookmarks is the free bookmark service of Google that is for Google Account holders only. The unique thing about Google Bookmarks is that it is different from the browser based bookmarking system. It enables its Google Account holders to organize their bookmark pages and add labels or notes to them just like Diigo.

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