10 Sites like YOPmail for Disposable Email Address


YOPmail is a temporary email providing website where the user can get disposable email addresses. The importance of disposable email addresses in increasing because many users reluctant to provide their original email id when they are making accounts on any website about whom they are not too much aware. YOPmail is a site that allows these kinds of uses to get disposable emails address to kick off the spam and stay protected. YOPmail is one of the bestsites like Getairmail. Below are the some best alternatives to YOPmail.

1. Getairmail

Getairmail or simply AirMail is a website from where you can get unlimited temporary email IDs that will be automatically disposed of after time set by you. The functions and benefits of using Getairmail are: keep spam away from inbox, keep original email safe & secure, view HTML email easily in Getairmail email, check emails received later, etc.

2. MailDrop

MailDrop is another platform for getting free, temporary and disposable email addresses. It is suggested to be used when you want to hide your original email address by not disclosing it. The best about MailDrop is that it requires no kind of signup or registration process. Just type the address you want, click on go and get @maildrop.cc email address.

3. MailNesia

MailNesia is for getting anonymous email address in less than a minute. When you want to register at a site that you don’t know whether it is safe or not or will it send you the spam emails then MailNesia comes to assist you. MailNesia is a best option for getting temporary email addresses to avoid spam, unnecessary commercial emails and lot of useless stuff.

4. MintEmail

MintEmail is a temporary and disposable email address generator to keep you inbox spam and commercial ads free. By simply visiting the official website of MintEmail you will get a temporary email address that you can used it for signing up or registering on a now website. MintEmail is one of the best sites for getting as many disposable email ids as you want.

5. MyTrashMail

MyTrashMail is a free disposable email addresses generator just like real one. MyTrashMail is a best platform for protecting your private or real email address from getting spammed and receiving wasted links, magazines, newsletters, commercial ads, etc. For its great features, MyTrashMail can be also called a free to use spam blocker.

6. Dispostable

Dispostable is for getting disposable email address just like genuine and real email ids. Either use number, lower case, upper case or any other you want, you can get it from Dispostable. Dispostable is one of the best alternatives to MailDrop where you can get temporary email address just like MailDrop and can then check the mails received in the inbox of Dispostable.

7. Discard

Discard is a platform for getting disposable email address for free. The best about Discard is that it temporary and disposable emails comes with lot of functions. The best about Discard is that its email domain name is not restricted to @discard.email. User can get the email domain names that end on org, country code, etc.

8. Mailinator

Mailinator is another site for getting the temporary email id. Here you can use any inbox of Mailinator. Mailinator to be used when you need an email address just like real one but don’t want to compromise on security or from being spammed. All inboxes available at the site of Mailinator are public and can be used by anyone.

9. 10 Minute Mail

10 Minute Mail is an advanced disposable email creator that expire automatically after 10 minutes, however, 10 minutes restriction can be increased. Get rid of spam emails and HTML links by simply using the disposable email service of 10 Minute Mail. The email or message that are send can then be checked out in your inbox at 10 Minute Mail.

10. Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail is for creating those disposable email ids that lasts for almost one hour. It is just like getting real email addresses however behind the scenes these will be temporary and will be disposed after the set interval time. Here you can compose emails by using the servers of Guerrilla Mail and can view in your own inbox in Guerrilla Mail.

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