10 Apps like uTorrent for Android

utorrent is a torrent finding and downloading application that allows the users to download movies, shows, episodes, seasons and watch them on their mobiles. In addition to downloading entertaining stuff, users can also download programs and other miscellaneous stuff by using uTorrent. The technical features of uTorrent are: option to select file download path, download both magnet links and torrents, downloading legally allowed music, videos and programs. Saying this will not be wrong that uTorrent is one of the best ‘alternatives to BitTorrent’. Following are the other ‘utorrent alternative’.

1. Flud

Flud is one of the best BitTorrent clients that enable the users to enjoy the torrent data just like desktop version. The other thing about Flud is that it enables the users to share the files with others as well. By using the Flud, users can download torrent files and data directly to their mobile. Don’t worries about speed limits on either uploads or downloads. Use Flud and go tension free.

Platform: Android

2. Vuze Torrent Downloader

Vuze Torrent Downloader is another powerful BitTorrent client for easily accessing that media you that you want to grab. Vuze Torrent Downloader is for fast torrents downloading that integrates many features from controlling to downloading. The key features of Vuze Torrent Downloader are: simple search system, mange downloaded torrents, control torrent speed, download completion alerts, etc.

Platform: Android

3. BitTorrent

BitTorrent is a torrent client foe searching and downloading torrents and then allowing them to play on you mobile after completion. There is no speed limit and size limit system is BitTorrent. Every feature of BitTorrent is limitless either it is about downloading better music or videos in high dimensions and excellent quality print, BitTorrent is best for all.

Platform: Android

4. FrostWire

The best about FrostWire is that it is torrent downloader and YouTube downloader at the same time. It is fast and simple enough to meet the demand of the users. The key features of FrostWire are: great search, one tap download, easy and simple filter for searching music, videos, images, software, programs, application, documents and other type of torrents.

Platform: Android

5. aria2

aria2 is a multi-source and multi-protocol application for downloading and managing torrents. The two best features of aria2 are that it never stops in case of mobile sleeps and secondly it enables the users to download up to that much portion of movie or song that has been completed. Moreover, it never get slow the other applications of the mobile.

Platform: Android

6. KTorrent

KTorrent is a fast and simple meta and torrent search engine. The best about KTorrent is that its search results combine with the directories of other dozens of torrent clients and search engines. The notable features of KTorrent are: search torrent easily from mobile, set file priorities, proxy support, port configuration, add torrent from files, set path for downloaded files, etc.

Platform: Android

7. Transdrone

Transdrone is a torrent downloader and manager that must be installed in your mobile for many reasons. First main reason about using Transdrone is that it supports all most all popular torrent downloader including: BitTorrent, uTorrent, KTorrent, Bitflu, Deluge and many others. Transdrone is one of the best torrent applications for downloading torrent files.

Platform: Android

8. TOKEN – Torrent Finder

TOKEN – Torrent Finder is a simple yet a powerful torrent downloader and manager for downloading torrent files of any time. The best about TOKEN – Torrent Finder is that it integrates the search system of Bitsnoop, recent searches autocomplete. The best about TOKEN – Torrent Finder is that there is also a option for link sharing.

Platform: Android

9. aDownloader

aDownloader is another torrent finder and downloader application that enables the users to easily find the torrent of movies, music, songs, dramas, software, programs, applications and books and allow them to download via aDownloader. The features of aDownloader are: progress view, video preview download mode, customized search engine setting, tracker editing, peer details, etc.

Platform: Android

10. ASUS Download Master Client

ASUS Download Master Client is a torrent downloader and manger that allows the users to manage the torrent downloads and simply adds new torrent files to get them download. Use ASUS Download Master Client and just download the torrent file into your mobile and watch it in your mobile as well. ASUS Download Master Client is also a torrent like uTorrent.

Platform: Android

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