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Getairmail is an email sending service for temporary emails. It actually provides the users random email address so that they can use it when they are registering to new websites, blogs or untrusted platforms. All emails then received will be automatically will be displayed at your inbox in Getairmail. Other features of Getairmail are: automatically display incoming emails, multitask, private inbox, HTML emails, disposable emails and many more. The top 10 best alternatives to Getairmail is given below.

1. TempEMail

TempEMail is one of the best website for getting free disposable, temporary and anonymous email addresses. No need to give your email addresses to untrusted platforms when TempEMail is available to assist you. Use TempEMail and keep your personal email address spam and virus free. TempEMail is one of the best  sites to Getairmail alternative.

2. FakeInbox

FakeInbox is another temporary email service for sending emails. It is one of the best way to keep spam and virus out of email inbox. In fact, FakeInbox provides a fake inbox where you can get the response of emails sent to others. If you want more disposable email addresses then this features is also available by the FakeInbox and the email creates will be expire after lapse of time.

3. Guerrilla Mail

Guerrilla Mail is a site for disposable and temporary email addresses. No registration is required so use a temporary email address easily. Use Guerrilla Mail for sending emails from a fake email address instead of your real and personal email address. Send as many emails as you can and get the response in the fake inbox of Guerrilla Mail.

4. 33Mail

33Mail is another best alternatives to 10 Minute Mail. 33Mail is a free and simple disposable email service for sending unlimited emails from anonymous email addresses. Create as many disposable email addresses as you want and also control all active addresses as well. The best about 33Mail is that it enables the users to send the received emails to the real email id account.

5. 20minutemail

20minutemail is a temporary and disposable email service to get rid of spam emails. Use 20minutemail for sending emails or registering on a suspicious site and avoid spam with a free secure email address provided by 20minutemail. 20minutemail is your random email address and you can change it as per your own will and requirement.

6. Melt Mail

MeltMail is a temporary and disposable email forwarding service. The best about Melt Mail is that it enables the users to set the disposable time for email they are sending. The email that is sent by the service of Melt Mail will be expire automatically from the receiver’s inbox after the expiry of set time. Melt Mail is a best similar site like Fakeinbox.

7. GishPuppy

GishPuppy is a free email forwarding service. It is a best way to sending emails to others without sending own personal and real email address. It allows the users to manage their all online registration record by keeping their identity safe and secure on the website. It actually offers disposable and temporary email address that automatically forward messages to normal emails.

8. Spamgourmet

Spamgourmet is another platform that provides a platform for creating disposable email addresses for sending temporary mails. The emails that are send from the platform of Spamgourmet are expired automatically after expiry of set time. It is a secure way for sending emails without revealing the real email address. It is the best alternative site to 20minutemail.

9. Fake Mail Generator

Fake Mail Generator is a web based platform that enables the user to send emails from fake but secure email addresses without any registration. The email received in response can be also managed directly from the inbox of Fake Mail Generator. It also offers various generic domain names and even country specific domains as well.

10. MailDrop

MailDrop is a web based platform for sending emails that can be then used in web forms, apps signups and registration areas. Use MailDrop when you don’t want to share your real email address with others. No sign up or registration is required. MailDrop is free to everyone. Just create temporary email address and send disposable emails.

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