10 Best Apps like Battery Doctor

Battery Doctor is a battery saving app that close the apps running in the background unnecessarily and absorbing the battery power. It almost extend the battery life up to 50%. The core features of Battery Doctor are: close apps when screen is off, display exact battery & charging remaining time, brightness control, battery temperature, CPU management, schedule power saving modes and many more. Following are the best apps like Battery Doctor.

1. Battery Life Magic

Battery Life Magic is a battery performance monitoring application that enables the smartphone users to see the complete stats of battery and know exactly the timing of battery and much more. The other notable features of Battery Life Magic are: FaceTime usage, audio listening, standby time remaining, apps running in the background and many more.

Platform: iOS

2. Battery Magic

Battery Magic is a battery stats and life app just like Battery Doctor. It integrates various analytical tools and several battery usage and many more. Best features of Battery Magic are charge alert, battery time remaining, cycle maintenance charging, battery stats, custom battery themes, battery tips, battery usage, and many more.


3. Battery Booster Lite

Battery Booster Lite is another app like Battery Doctor that provides a real-time battery usage tracking. It is one of the best battery boosting and power management tool for smartphones. The core features of Battery Booster Lite are: automatic battery saving mode, battery usage track & monitor, battery graph to track battery temp, level, voltage charge and many more.

Platform: Android

4. iBattery

iBattery is a powerful and easiest to use tool for charge saving of battery. The best about iBattery is that it displays the current battery statistic, remaining charge time and gives alert in case of running down of battery from a certain level, standby option, availability of useful tips and hints, provides maintenance features and many more.

Platform: Android

5. Avast Battery Saver

Avast Battery Saver is another cool widget like Battery Doctor that enhance the performance of battery. Install Avast Battery Saver in your smartphone and stay unplugged for 30% longer. The unique feature of Avast Battery Saver is that it never effects the SMS, ring volume, and voice calls of the phone. Use Avast Battery Saver and improve the performance of your battery.

Platform: Android

6. Battery Saver 2

Battery Saver 2 is one of the best battery care app that enables the smartphone users to enhance their phone. The notable features of Battery Saver 2 are: memory cleaner, battery level in percent, displays the remaining time, deep sleep mode setting, and alarm notification if battery charging is lower then set percentage, status bar notification, and many more.

Platform: Android

7. DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver is a fast, simple, effective and convenient battery saver. The technical features of DU Battery Saver are: accurate status, smart pre-set modes, one-click optimization, anytime optimization, comprehensive battery details, healthy charge stage manager, intelligent mode switching, auto-clear apps, CPU frequency, etc.

Platform: Android

8. Battery HD+

Battery HD+ is a professional battery monitor for your smartphones. Check the uniqueness about Battery HD+: it shows you’re the exact time left for either listening music, watching video, talk time, internet browsing, standby, time left for recharge, reading books, GPS navigation, video chat, taking photos, recording videos, or playing 2D and 3D games.


9. Battery Master

Battery Master is a free battery caring app for your smartphones. The core features of Battery Master are: device auto detection, charge alert, estimated time remaining for talking, playing audio & video clips, internet browsing, standby and many more. It also notifies the users when smartphone is fully charges. Battery Master is one of the best apps like battery Doctor.


10. Battery Life Saver

Battery Life Saver is yet another powerful battery managing app for easily managing and saving the precious life of battery by just few clicks. The rich features of Battery Life Saver are: battery information, CPU and processor usage alert, semi-transparent widget with battery status, automatically enter power saving mode, customize battery saving mode and many more.

Platform: Android

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