10 Best Apps like Uber


Uber is the app of an American based international transportation network company that offers the consumers to submit a trip or travelling request by using their smartphones. The request submitted will be delivered to Uber delivers who have their own cars. The driver service of Uber is being offered in over 50 countries. For those who are looking for the Uber alternatives are at best place. Following are the apps like Uber.

1. Lyft

Lyft is one of the best alternatives to Taxi & Bus app. Using Lyft is every easy, just tap a button to request a ride, a Lyft driver will pick up you and will get to your destination quickly. It is very easy, fast and secure platform. Payment system is also very simple and easy. By using the service of Lyft, passenger can get its destination within minutes.

PlatformAndroid | iOS

2. Easy Taxi

Easy Taxi is a free taxi app for hailing a taxi in various places including Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Egypt, Mexico, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Nigeria, Panama, and dozens of other places. Use Easy Taxi to find and book taxis easily with a tap of button. Simply set a destination and calculate the fare and arrival at time at your destination.

PlatformAndroid | iOS

3. 99Taxis

99Taxis is for those who wants a taxi at their doorstep in five minutes. Actually it informs about your trip request to a driver of 99Taxis near you. The payment system of 99Taxis is very easy and the fare can be paid via credit cards, debit cards and PayPal. Just submit your current destination and the destination where you want to arrive and wait for only five minutes for 99Taxis to come.

PlatformAndroid | iOS

4. mytaxi

mytaxi is another taxi app that enables you to order for a taxi with two taps. mytaxi services is operative in over forty cities around the globe including Washington DC, Barcelona, Hamburg, Munich, Madrid, Zurich, Vienna, Arlington and dozens of others. The other features of mytaxi are: pay by app, live trip, select favorite driver, taxi radar, etc.

PlatformAndroid | iOS

5. Taxi.EU

Taxi.EU is for travelers in Europe. If you don’t know the address where you are standing while requesting then don’t worry, it will be tracked via GPS system of Taxi.EU. The functions of Taxi.EU are: having 62,000 taxis, over 160,000 taxi drivers, see taxis available around you, fare, distance & travel time calculator, instant order & reservation system, etc.

PlatformAndroid | iOS


HOPIN TAXI is for getting cheapest taxi around you while requesting from your home or other place. The best about HOPIN TAXI is that it offers the all options to the travelers to arrange their trip by selecting specific car, rating of driver, and price. Don’t wait and check the real location of your taxi and arrival time at your office or home.

PlatformAndroid | iOS

7. GetTaxi

GetTaxi is an easy and super-fast taxi app for getting tax in over 50 cities of the world. The service of GetTaxi is available day and night. No need to wait too long and track the destination and arrival of your favorite car or taxi. The other functions of GetTaxi are: ride anywhere, get great & affordable prices, airport rides at flat rates, etc.

PlatformAndroid | iOS

8. Rutaxi

Rutaxi is for Russian only to book taxi from the home by using their smartphone. Rutaxi is offering its taxi services in over 66 cities in Russia including metropolitan and major cities of Russia. Use Rutaxi and get order confirmation, status updates, care models, drivers rating, fares and much more. It is one of the best taxi ordering app for travelling in Russia.

PlatformAndroid | iOS

9. GrabTaxi

GrabTaxi is south-east Asia transport and taxi booking app for booking cab in Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, and Singapore. GrabTaxi offers various services that are: GrabTaxi, GrabCar, GrabBike, and GrabExpress. The other features of GrabTaxi are: live tracking, detailed information of driver, best diver selection and much more.

PlatformAndroid | iOS

10. Meru Cabs

Meru Cabs is for accessing cabs in over 23 cities of India. Meru Cabs contains a complete travel solution for booking a taxi and intercity trips. Payment system is also very simple either pay in cash or host of wallet options. Moreover, you can also book a cab in advance up to one week. You will be given e-receipts for your own travelling record.

PlatformAndroid | iOS

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