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Truecaller is an app searching phone number. It enables the users to identify the unknown number and get it block or block those calls they don’t want to receive. It also provides a service to the users to find any number in the world to see who the owner of that number is. So, use Truecaller for blocking unwanted calls from spam callers and telemarketers. Following are the one of the Best Alternatives Apps to Truecaller.

1. Whoscall

Whoscall is an app that enables the user to know about the identity of strange calls before answering it. The other best features of Whoscall are: instant strange caller identification, get background information of any caller, permanently blocking of unwanted SMSs and calls, searching of any strange number, a great database of over 700 million phone numbers and many more.

Platform: Android | iOS | Windows Phone

2. Truedialer

Truedialer is another app like Truecaller that enables the users to get rid of strange and unwanted numbers. No need for paying every time to cellular companies for blocking any number when Truedialer is available with all caller identification and blocking features. It enables the users to make their smartphones really smarts.

Platform: Android | Windows Phone

3. CIA – Caller ID & Call Blocker

CIA – Caller ID & Call Blocker will help you in identifying who is calling you. It means by using CIA – Caller ID & Call Blocker, you can identify the strange number calling you. After identifying the strange number, user can get it block via CIA – Caller ID & Call Blocker. The best about CIA – Caller ID & Call Blocker is that it immediately finds the information about a number whether it is a personal or business number.

Platform: Android | iOS

4. Mobile Caller Location Tracker

Next app like Truecaller is Mobile Caller Location Tracker that enables the users to search and track mobile number, ISD and STD code without having an internet connection. When you will use Mobile Caller Location Tracker, it will display you the location if the caller along with service providers name, city and country name as well.

Platform: Android

5. True Contact

True Contact or Real Caller ID is another app for knowing about the caller. It shows the personal & business name of caller, his address and even his personal photo, business logo, status and title sometime. The other features of using True Contact are: caller ID, caller location, caller profile, social enrichment, and much more.

Platform: Android | iOS (will available soon)

6. CallerSmart Reverse

CallerSmart Reverse is an app that enables the users to identify report and block unwanted numbers for future calls and SMSs. CallerSmart Reverse is an app that enables the users to trace out the full name and location behind a strange number whether it is of a personal nature or a business number. It is one of the best apps like Truecaller.


7. Whitepages Caller ID & Block

Whitepages Caller ID & Block is another best app for identifying strange caller ID, blocking it for future protection and also for spam protection. It lets the users to decide to whom call they have to respond and to whom they have to reject. In addition to knowing about caller ID, user can obtain identification of the person sending text messages.

Platform: Android

8. Contactive

Contactive is a universal caller ID application. It enables the users to know about strange callers before picking it. The database of Whitepages Caller ID & Block contains the list of millions of mobile phone users, so, it is nearly difficult for almost every strange caller to hiding his identity. It is one of the best alternatives to Truecaller.

Platform: Android

9. Number Guru

Number Guru is a caller ID and blocking application for blocking unwanted and spam calls. The best about Number Guru is that it covers almost 100% landline numbers and 50% cell phone numbers being used in the world. It provides the users unlimited researches of almost every phone number. It is one of the best alternative apps to Truecaller.


10. TrapCall

TrapCall is an app for unmasking strange calls and knowing about their complete personal profile. It enables the users to always know who is calling then before actually answering the call. After knowing about the identity of caller, user of TrapCall can block it and can get rid of it permanently. It is one of the best apps like Truecaller.

Platform: Android | iOS

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