Top 10 Apps like iTube


iTube is an app that enables the users to download YouTube videos, manage their playlists and use it as a background player. It allows the users to organize their YouTube data, view history of video watched or bookmarked videos. From managing to searching, it is best for all purposes. For those who are looking for alternative of iTube are advised to consider below mentioned apps are iTube alternatives.

1. iMusic

iMusic is a great app for listening free music without paying for anything. For those who wants to control the music in background are suggested to use iMusic and organize their music, view the favorite track and gain full control over their music with the simple and easy-to-use interface of iMusic. It is one of the best apps like iTube.


2. Pocket Tube

Next one is Pocket Tube. Just a free music player like iMusic and iTube. It is in fact a YouTube player that enables the users to enjoy music of specialized nature. The easy-to-use tools of Pocket Tube enables the music lovers to organize and manage their music and videos according to album, genres, category and artist. You will really enjoy this app.


3. Music TV

Music TV is one of the best music app ever developed. It enables the users to add music and videos from YouTube and create their own either favorite list or whole library. It offers the users a free access to the most popular music either videos or audios of the world. It is one of the best and perfect alternatives to the iTube.


4. Music Tube

Music Tube is a limitless music playing and downloading app. It is totally free application that contains millions of songs and enables the users to listen any track without any limit and price. Use Music Tube, search for artist, album, genres, or tracks and discover the stunning world of Music Tube. One of the best apps for listening millions of songs for free.


5. ProTube for Youtube

You can say it ProTube or ProTube for YouTube. It is the perfect companion of YouTube. Check out the list of features: video playback in many qualities from 144p to 1080p HD, ads and pop ups free, best audio quality, managing of playlists, uploading of any songs to YouTube directly from ProTube, watch out blocked videos from mobile and many more.


6. SmartTube

SmartTube is another free music and video app player just like above mentioned apps. Check out what you can do by using SmartTube. It will let you to enjoy all kind of YouTube videos either pop, hip hop, rock, country or other hit songs around the globe. It almost updates every day the ranking of music according to artist and genres.


7. Music Tube

Music Tube is a free music player and a playlist manager for YouTube. It offers two enjoyments in one pack. First it is listening of music for free and secondly it is managing of either favorite playlist or create own music library. The key features of Music Tube are: stream music without limits, create playlists unlimited, manage playlists, play music in background, etc.

Platform: iOS

8. walknote

Up to now we were discussing about those apps that were related to YouTube. But now there is an app that can be used for almost all social media video platforms. Yes it is walknote, that enables the music lovers to listen the music of SoundCloud, Exfm, and iTunes Store in addition to YouTube. User can also share their favorite playlists with others as well.

Platform: iOS

9. AudioViz

AudioViz is another app like iTube that enables the music lovers to view their favorite music songs on YouTube without paying any thing. It also enables the users to add YouTube music directly into their own created playlist or library. Install AudioViz and get access to millions of free music and play them in the background without interruption of personal work.


10. InstaTube

Here comes another app whose features are not restricted to YouTube only. It is InstaTube that enables the users to play music of Vimeo and Dailymotion in addition to YouTube. Either use it for continuous playback or background playback, it is up to you. The amazing thing about InstaTube is that it also supports playing of YouTube subtitles.

Platform: iOS

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