10 Best Apps like 8player

Lot of player has been developed for iOS and Android devices that are able to play videos and music of any type. Among these lot of players, one is 8player that is a multifunctional app for video, music and image playback and is capable of working as a DLNA/UPnP player and controller. 8player provides various facilities to its users. Following are the ten apps like 8player.

1. PlayerXtreme Media Player

First in the list is PlayerXtreme Media Player that can be simply regarded as the perfect alternative of 8player for playing movies, videos, music and streaming. The specialty of PlayerXtreme Media Player is that it can run audio and video file of any format. Its other features are regarding library, networking, player, and security.

Platform: Android | iOS

2. OPlayerHD Lite

If you are looking for a player that can boost your smartphone media abilities then use OPlayerHD Lite for streaming audio and video over the internet. No converting of any audio or video file is required. Just install this app and simply play the audio and video track of any format. In addition to audio and video file format, its subtitle file format support is also amazing.

Platform: Android | iOS

3. SmartStor Fusion

Next digital media app that is like 8player is SmartStor Fusion. An all-in-one app that allows the users to playback of music, pictures and videos stored on SmartStor DMS. List of audio, video and images file support is extensive that makes the users addictive of using SmartStor Fusion. It is also integrated with many other features regarding file searching, etc.


4. AVPlayerHD

Those smartphone users who are very touchy about the quality of their video and want a tool that play their videos smoothly like in HD format, those users are simply advised to use AVPlayerHD. The unique function of AVPlayerHD is that it can easily play all computer video file formats without converting the any file. Use AVPlayerHD and control your track.


5. GoodPlayer

Next player that let the users to fully control their digital media files is GoodPlayer. It is the best player app like 8player. Like other popular player apps, it also enables the users to play any format of file without converting them. You are only required to drop the media files to your device and then play it. Apart from playing features, it also provides a complete protection solution of the music library.

Platform: Android | iOS

6. Azul Media Player

Azul Media Player is a media player and download manager at the same time. It enables the music lovers to download videos from most popular streaming video sites like YouTube, Dailymotion and others. It plays almost every audio and video format without converting it. It also allows the users to open video email attachments from Mail App.


7. Infuse 3

Infuse 3 is a light and powerful application to play video and audio of any format. An app that enables the music lovers to play more and convert less as it plays almost any media format. Users can drop subtitles on videos easily. Use Infuse 3 and browse, play, and download videos from most any Mac, PC, NAS drive, or HTTP link.


8. VLC

VLC is a best media player for Windows operating systems. Now it is available for iOS and Android platform as well. The one thing about VLC is that it is a very simple and light media player. VLC can play all type of audio and video files. It is also synchronized with cloud storage services including Dropbox, iCoud Drive, Box, iTunes and GDrive.

Platform: Android | iOS

9. RockPlayer2

Next media player that is like 8player is RockPlayer2. RockPlayer2 is a best media player for iOS and Android for playing tracks of all formats currently operative in the market. User of RockPlayer2 can also share their favorite song with their friends as well. It provides the complete control to users just on finger tips.

Platform: Android | iOS

10. CineXPlayer

CineXPlayer is a powerful media player app that is especially designed for watching HD movies and other short length video files. It is very easy and simple to watch all video formats in stunning HD quality on the platform of CineXPlayer. It is the best media player app for dealing with audio and video files. This app is surely like 8player.

Platform: Android | iOS

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