10 Best Apps Like 9GAG


9GAG is the platform of funny pics, GIFs, videos, memes, cute, wtf, geeky and cosplay photos. It can be simply said as the source of happiness and amazing stuff. User can share anything they think interesting and can get real responses from people around the world. User can vote on trending and fresh page to determine what will be the best and hot on the internet next day. Share your fun to social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Email, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, WhatsApp and many more. Following are the ten apps like 9GAG.

1. Imgur

Next it is Imgur, a place to instantly access unlimited hilarious, fascinating, lol, informative, and adorable pictures shared by the Imgur users on daily basis. Joins Imgur and explore the cute kitten GIFs, share motivational posts, and discuss tutorials on stuff you consider favorite and important. Instantly and simply search amazing visual stories with a fast and easy to use card based experience and many more.

PlatformAndroid | iOS | Web

2. Vine

Next app that can be said as like 9GAG is Vine. The unique feature of this app is that it is specially developed for video purposes. An app that can be used to watch, create and share videos anytime and anywhere. It is simply a new and amazing medium of expressing yourself and a platform to show off your creativity and talent. Share your stories and entertain the people and make the ever lasted connections.

PlatformAndroid | iOS | Web

3. Reddit Pics Pro HD

Next app that is like 9GAG is Reddit Pics Pro HD that is fun app to show you picture from reddit. Image slide is surely fast and well looking. Pictures also load in the background, giving smoothest experience possible. In the latest version of Reddit Pics Pro HD, almost every feature has been improved. Other unique features are: fastest image browsing, frequent pictures updates, no ads, notifies on update, etc.

PlatformAndroid | iOS | Web

4. StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is another app to explore webpages, images and videos. It is no doubt, a collection of the best quality pages on the web. Just tell your interest to StumbleUpon and it will bring up the great photos and videos from the great and popular websites. Follow your friends and share your discoveries. Create lists of your favorite topics and follow other lists to find more content you like.

PlatformAndroid | iOS | Web | Chrome Extension | Mozilla Add-ons

5. Reddit Vibrant

Next app that is based on the features of 9GAG is Reddit Vibrant. Reddit Vibrant displays only post with images and videos and hide others. Use Reddit Vibrant and enjoy unlimited cool, funny, and interesting images and videos. It is best for every situation. Unique features of Reddit Vibrant are: fast loading, smooth scrolling, dark theme, viewing image albums, saving posts to view it later, and many more.


6. Damn! LoL

Damn! LoL is an app especially designed to access funny images. This app allows the users to access to all crazy and funny images that are available on the platform of Damn! LoL. It is the house of those images that will keep you laughing for hours. It also includes all the great feature you are looking for and as well as latest one that are mostly searched by users on internet.

PlatformAndroid | iOS | Web

7. LOL Pics (Funny Pictures)

Those who are found of crazy and funny pictures must explore the LOL Pics (Funny Pictures). LOL Pics (Funny Pictures) is the house of unlimited funny stuff. Even category of LOL Pics (Funny Pictures) is wide that includes: WTF, LOL Cute, Photo Bombs, LOL Pets, Public Transportation WTF, Motivational Posters, Tons of Puns, LOL Babies, Redneck Pics, FML, and dozens of others.

PlatformAndroid | iOS | Web

8. Rage Comics

Rage Comics is an app that enables the smartphone users to read the comics on their smartphones. It is no doubt the best platform to read about Cereal Guy and Me Gusta. It also enables the users to read the hottest comics available on Reddit. The impressive features of Rage Comics are: automatic cropping, access to latest and hottest comics from Reddit, save the favorite comics and share with other via email on Facebook.

PlatformAndroid | iOS | Web

9. Wimp

Wimp is another app that is like 9GAG. Here you can enjoy the interesting, funny, emotional and cool videos. Simply browse the latest videos, and save videos to watch later in your free time. It is a family friendly app that contains no adult content. Other notable features of Wimp are: anti-sensationalistic, search older videos, view information about creator of the video, share your video on social media channels, and many more.

PlatformAndroid | iOS | Web

10. theCHIVE

theCHIVE is the platform of unlimited photos. It shows the original galleries of funny images, videos and GIFs with epic fails, beautiful girls, groundbreaking photography, and art around the world. It is a best place to search out viral images and videos that are fresh, hot, cool, funny and just amazing. All the latest posts from theCHIVE are updated in real time, Share your favorite stuff on social media channels.

PlatformAndroid | iOS | Windows Phone | Web

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