10 More Apps Like 100 Floors for Android

100 Floors is a Role Playing Game (RPG) app for Android smartphones. Strategically is not in that senses that it contains war, planning, managing and these kinds of stuff. It is an app where you have to escape from a location and to act like a key master. An app that lets you to challenge yourself. 100 Floors is seriously an addictive mini puzzles app. Following are the apps that are like 100 Floors.

1. 100 Doors Between the Floors

First it is 100 Doors Between the Floors that is like 100 Floors and developed by the developer of 100 Floors. In order to open the door, you have to first solve the puzzle and escape from the room to get to the next floor and have to manage to escape from the same floor also. An app that will shatter your brain. Features of 100 Doors Between the Floors are that it contains all those features that are in 100 Floors.

Platform: Android

2. Hidden Escape

Next most interesting puzzle game and an exciting escape game is Hidden Escape. It is developed by the creator of 100 Doors, 100 Doors 2, 100 Doors Full and other great escape games. In Hidden Escape, you have to escape from 100 floors and get out the sinister mansion. It is a unique addictive puzzles and riddles. It contains hand painted levels with beautiful graphics.

Platform: Android

3. 100 Doors Seasons

Next best app like 100 Floors is 100 Doors Seasons. It is the collection of interesting and funny puzzles that will boost your mood. The goal of game is to solve a puzzle, open the door, escape from that room and enter into a new room and again solve it to become the winner of the 100 Doors Seasons. You will be given rewards as well to solving the puzzles and compete with your friends.

Platform: Android

4. 100 Locked Doors 2

100 Locked Doors 2 is the sequel of 100 Doors and 100 Locked Doors. It contains new interesting puzzles. Solve the puzzles of this game, use items and use all your skills to open the doors and escape from the rooms. If you are ready for brain teaser then immediately go for the 100 Locked Doors 2. It is an addictive puzzle games that contains great graphics and unique rooms designs.

Platform: Android

5. Escape the Mansion

Get ready for another puzzle games that is going to shatter and thrill your mind. An app that is developed by the developer of 100 Doors. An app that contains the mysterious mansion with a lot of great puzzles and popular mini-games. The other main features of Escape the Mansion are that it contains 217 levels, fantastic graphics, different themed floors, etc.

Platform: Android

6. Escape Agent

Welcome to another puzzle and escape game. Escape Agent is an app where you are playing as an agent who is assigned with the duty of saving the world from an evil secret organization. Your boss is waiting for you and you have to meet him immediately to discuss the situation. You can meet him after escaping from the rooms. Remember! These rooms are more powerful than you imagination.

Platform: Android

7. 100 Doors Of The Ghost Town

Next app that is like 100 Floors is 100 Doors Of The Ghost Town. It is developed by A-S-G Puzzle. In this game there are some interesting facts. You are not only required to find out the way of escaping from the room, instead you have to find the hidden objects in the room as well. After finding the objects, use all potential and skills of your mind to open the doors and escape from the doors.

Platform: Android

8. 100 Doors of Revenge

100 Doors of Revenge is another app that is competing with 100 Floors. It is the best app that is like 100 Floors. App contains limited levels but is like 100 Floors. It contains twenty level having 100 doors, Christmas puzzles, for each level there are new Christmas themes. Play the addicting mini puzzles that contains complete utilization of your devices features.

Platform: Android

9. 100 Doors Cartoon

At last, it is 100 Doors Cartoon in which you are required to solve different logical problems and guess riddles. Just open doors, where new levels are waiting for your potential. Play 100 Doors Cartoon and pass sixty fabulous and unique levels. This puzzle game is little difficult but contains four types of hints to help you in critical situation. Test your attentiveness with special quests and hidden objects.

Platform: Android

10. Agent Alice

Agent Alice is another hidden object game for Android smartphones. Play Agent Alice and enter to the world of fresh puzzles and exciting characters. Spot clues and use your potential to reveal the truth behind crimes, romances, relationships and even deeper mysteries. You will enjoy this puzzle action games that includes times matching, spot the difference, and lock the picking.

Platform: Android

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