10 Apps Like Pokémon

Pokémon is one of the best RPG games that was developed by Game Freak and Creatures Inc. in 1996. This game is in fact a RPG, spinoffs game that is based on action role-playing, puzzle and digital pets, It is the second bestselling video game franchise globally after Nintendo’s own Mario franchise. If you are aware with the fun of Pokémon then you must be familiar with below mentioned apps that are like Pokémon.

1. Zenforms: Protectors

First best RPG game app like Pokémon is Zenforms: Protectors that is the journey of a protector. You can enjoy all those stuff that you have did in Pokémon. Catch, train, and evolve your Zenforms and go through the ranks to become the grand protector of your world. This is best app for developing battler strategies and showing your skills. All you need like Pokémon is waiting for you.

Platform: iOS

2. Beastie Bay

A game that is full with a desolate island and surrounded by dangerous and savage beast and you have to ensure your survival by fighting against them and beating all. Ensure your victory and gain new gear and technology to take your adventure to next level. This is not your native land but you can transform this island into your own paradise by utilizing your skills and talent.

Platform: iOS | Android

3. Monster Galaxy: The Zodiac Islands

Battle, battle and battle. A game where you have to defeat 125 unique deadly monsters that are ruling over 14 islands. A perfect replacement of Pokémon that is crafted with incredible hand painted graphics and crunchy pixels. But remember, if you want to kicked off the monsters from these islands then you are required to train your own monsters and make them able to fight against those terrible monsters.

Platform: iOS | Android

4. MinoMonsters

Be ready for another adventurous game. No training is required here. All the monsters available to you are highly skilled and multi-talented. You have to choose wisely in order to make them able to fight against your enemies. Collect, raise and battler your way to glorious victory. The monster you will catch will be the member of your team and will fight for you. A read hours of addictive gameplay.

Platform: iOS

5. Mighty Monsters

For those whose quest for playing monster games like Pokémon have not yet completed are advised to try Mighty Monsters also. Player is required to catch hundreds of mighty monsters that have tons of powerful abilities and combos. You have to train them and have to prove that you are the real great trainer of the monster world. Explore new islands and complete challenging goals.

Platform: iOS | Android

6. Bulu Monster

Next RPG game app that is like Pokémon is Bulu Monster that is the hallmark of Sigma Game Limited. Lovers of Pokémon recommends this game. It is regarded as the best monster collecting game in Android. Like other monster games, it also allows the player to become the monster trainer and train a monster team in order to challenge over 50 NPC monster trainers. Collect over 150 different monsters.

Platform: iOS | Android

7. Bread Kittens

Wow…! A game where you will find little and cute cats. You have to collect rare kittens in every region and bread your favorite cat breed and have to unlock bread recipes as well to get your kittens stronger and powerful. A game that is made of beautiful HD art and animations. You are the only person who can save the kitten that are being brainwashed by devil ChowCorp.

Platform: iOS

8. Summoners War

If you consider yourself a real RPG player then come and explore the world that is surrounded with battle for precious resources. Journey is not easy as 400 different types of monsters are in the way to make your journey hard. Defeat all these and collect as many as you can that have the abilities of fire, water, wild, light, dark, etc. Transform your monsters into 6-star monster and become the real champion.

Platform: iOS | Android

9. Haypi Monster

Next monster app that is the second version of Pokémon is Haypi Monster. It is no doubt the game like that has the similar base as Pokémon has. A world where monster are fighting against each other and those who are powerful are ruling. Go and select your tea, carefully then train hem and challenge to other players and bosses and become the champion of the monster world.

Platform: iOS | Android

10. Dragon City Mobile

Last app game like Pokémon is Dragon City Mobile. A place to build and decorate a magical and floating dragon city. An amazing monster game where fighting and wars are not the sole purpose. Instead hatch the eggs and discover new species of the dragons then feed, grow and train them and transform them into a combat dragons. Play against opponents from all over the world.

Platform: iOS | Android

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