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Siri is the best mobile assistant that is only available on iOS devices. But happily we have best alternatives apps like Siri for Android and also iOS devices. The best Siri apps for Android and iOS are the ones which help you in your day to day life. Like calling friends on their birthdays, driving to work, sending an email or searching an answer you need when you need them in easy, fast, secure, and accurate way.

Bellow is the list of some similar apps like Siri. They may not do everything Siri does. Some may even do more and different way.

1. SpeakToit Assistant

Download the highest rated talking personal assistant app to your Smartphone or Tablets. Speaktoit Assistant app performs tasks, answer question, and notifies you about important events and more. Speaktoit work effectively and feel free to ask any question you might have. Speaktoit assistant app uses natural language technology to answer questions. This app can convert speak to send email and text message. It uses your voice to check the status updates on your favourite social networks like Facebook and Twitter. You can just talk and chat freely and your words are instantly converted into text.

Platform: iOS | Android | Windows Phone | Chrome

2. Evi

Say hello to Evi – Evi is the best installing mobile app just like a Siri that can answer questions about books, music, films, conversation, history, people, places and much more. Evi is reinventing how users search for solutions on the basis of everyday problems by providing a simpler, more relevant, human experience answer to the user need. Some features of the Evi are to convert Voice or text input, built in browser. No need to swap to a different browser. Evi app is free to download and no hidden charges and no account sign-up.

Platform: iOS | Android

3. Google Now

Google Now is also a work as a assistant uses a natural language user interface to answer question. Google Now app is like Siri developed by Google to compete with Siri. Both Google Now and Siri will respond to voice commands, whether it’s to look up the day’s weather or set the alarm on the phone. Google Now goes further in filling your phone screen with boxes containing stock quotes, sport results, weather, travel directions and more. It is available within the Google Search mobile application for Android and iOS, as well as the Google Chrome web browser on personal computer.

Platform: iOS | Android

4. Voice Answer

Voice Answer is best similar app like Siri that work on iPhone, iPad and Andriod devices. You can freely ask question on any topic, either by write or talking to it and it will answer you in a clear voice. The stunning 3D robot which can help you to send SMS’s, play music, send email and look up answer to question. The main source of this app is ‘Wolfram Alpha’ which give you a huge amount of information. Voice Answer has customized settings you can easily change the robotic voice that annoying you.

Platform: iOS | Android | Windows Phone

5. EasilyDo

EasilyDo is an award winning assistant app that organizes your work and personal life. If your business involves remembering many dates or times, this digital assistant app may be helpful to you. EasilyDo can send you directions to and from work and other important destinations, try to take care of all your reminders, set up and schedule Facebook updates and keep track of your travel tickets and boarding passes. EasilyDo merges duplicate contacts, check traffic so you know when to leave for a meeting, identifies email you may have forget to respond to.

Platform: iOS | Android

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