Best Apps Like 101-in-1 Games

Well everyone wants something extra in a basic payment plan. If talk about gamers then they always like to get extra games in a single platform. 101-in-1 is such a game that is the platform of 142 games in a single app. Mean the gamers can enjoy 142 games by installing a single app. A bucket that is full of puzzle, logic, arcade, action, sports, drawing, shooting, cooking, water games and many more. If you are looking for Alternatives Apps like 101-in-1 games than scroll down for those apps that are Like 101-in-1 games.

1. 101-in-1 Games HD

Next game anthology is 101-in-1 Games HD that is the collection of 109 high quality games in a single app. 101-in-1 Games HD includes wide variety of games such as action, racing, puzzle, multiplayer games, shooting, sports, cooking, Sudoku, brain games and many more. App is totally free. Just install and enjoy the 101-in-1 Games HD that is like 101-in-1 games app.

Platform: Android | iOS

2. 101-in-1 Games Anthology

101-in-1 Games Anthology is the collection of 101 games. This is enough to satisfy your gaming needs. An all-in-one games anthology that contains the top best most popular, action games, puzzle games, arcade games, sports games, racing games, cooking games, shooting games, card games, strategy games, brainstorming games, and many more fun folded games at one place.

Platform: iOS | Android

3. Activision Anthology

Activision Anthology contains the over 45 free classic and Imagic games. A collection of games that was missed by game lovers for a long time is now available for smartphones. Games includes: Pitfall, River Raid, BrainStorming, Stampede, Pitfall II, Demon Attack, Enduro, The Activision, Decathlon, and many more. You can choose from multiple control schemes to play as per your on demand.

Platform: iOS | Android

4. 101-in-1 Games 2: Evolution

101-in-1 Games 2: Evolution is a platform of brand new collection of games in HD quality and crunchy pixels. Developer has made lot efforts to include most wanted and popular games in 101-in-1 Games 2: Evolution. Well the list is endless but it is sure you will enjoy puzzle games, strategy games, action games, match-3 games, racing games, sports games, action games, and many more without any payment.

Platform: iOS

5. 25-in-1 Games – Gamebanjo

Are you looking for high quality, full sized and free games in a single app then try 25-in-1 Games – Gamebanjo that is the house of 25 games? Good news is that all games are pre-locked from the beginning. You have to only download and install it and start playing. In current version many games like, Sea Wolves, Vegas Mogul, Alien Planet, Runes of Asgard, Tower of Abyss, Galactic Battle and many others are included.

Platform: iOS | Android

6. Super Stickman Golf 2

First it is Super Stickman Golf 2 that is the platform of over three dozen dynamic mini golf games. New customizable features, power-ups, multi-player mode and many more are the part of this game. A game that will keep you busy and on the fairway all the time. Two multi-player mode opened it turn based multiplayer and race mode multiplayer. A game for the golf champions.

Platform: iOS | Android

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