10 More Apps Like Minecraft

Minecraft is one of the best block builder game app for iOS and Android. It is about breaking and placing the block and creating amazing buildings and imaginative things. It is one of the best adventurous game that can be played with friends and family. Brave players battle terrible things. Visit the wonderful lands of mushrooms, tea plants, etc. in a single game app. Following are the Alternatives to Minecraft.

1. SurvivalCraft

First app like Minecraft in the list is SurvivalCraft that is an infinite blocky world. You are given with nine tools to explore this blocky world. These tools are mine resources, craft tools, various weapons for hunt, make traps and grow plants. Struggle for the cloth and food. Construct a complex electric devices and shelter to survive cold nights and share your achievements worldwide via social media platforms.

Platform: iOS | Android

2. The Blockheads

Next best sand game app that is like Minecraft is The Blockheads. Play The Blockheads and explore, mine, craft and build the giant world as you do in the Minecraft. Play with thousands of blocks in high temperature system and climate system, seasons and frozen poles. Explore complex cave systems and flowing water and survive in deserts and snowy mountain tops. A great app to use.

Platform: iOS | Android

3. Black Story

Black Story is a great block and RPG game for smartphones where you build your world with blocks and can explore to your heart’s content. Features of Black Story are: ten expensive and wonderful ecosystems to build in and explore, hours of role and great fun, order the give different creatures to work for you, grow stronger and battle one, and many more lush push stuff.

Platform: iOS | Android

4. Delver

Delver is one of the higher substitutes and alternatives like Minecraft. It is first person action game the contains high quality display with crunchy pixels. This app like Minecraft to become and adventurer and fight as written in your fate in the horribly and dark world. Fight with monsters, grab loot, and level up. A best block game that requires high skills as once you are dead, you are dead.

Platform: PC | Android

5. Minebuilder

Next app that you must explore is Minebuilder. Like Minecraft, it is also an open block world game that allows you to create your own adventurous world. This block game is like Minecraft and Infiniminer. Fight with monsters and build your own blocky world. Game is starts from simple and easy blocks of stone and then end on a complicated block generators and electrical devices.

Platform: iOS | Android

6. Discovery LITE

List is endless. Next it is Discovery LITTE where you can also explore a giant world, made of blocks and filled with dangers creatures, as you explores in Minecraft. Either you want to construct a house, villages, cities, or monumental constructions you can construct the all. Developer has claimed that is like Minecraft, SurvivalCraft, WorldCraft, TotalMiner, Eden and Infiniminer.

Platform: MAC | Android

7. WorldCraft

A game where you can fulfill the dream of your building. A game that allows the playing in Multiplayer mode. You can also upload your own maps and creations that can be start from a single player mode to online Multiplayer server to play with others. Players can also create their own survival game on the infinite maps with different resources by crafting new items to build their own shelter.

Platform: iOS | Android

8. DroidCraft

Next app that is like Minecraft is DroidCraft that also enables to dig, build and explore. It is no doubt the best RPG game that compete the other block games apps. Fill with the features of Minecraft but with unique and adventurous style. An app that gives you a platform to explore a giant world and show your skills and talent in exploring a world full with wide range of blocks.

Platform: Android

9. Growtopia

Growtopia is a multiplayer game that is about collecting and protecting item while playing with other human from all over the world. It is your responsibility to guard your item otherwise it can be lost. That is the main part of game. It is a creative MMO game where you can build anything that is in your mind either it is houses dungeons, song, artwork or puzzles. It is your place, do what you want.

Platform: iOS | Android

10. Guncrafter

Last app that is like Minecraft is Guncrafter where you can design your own weapons and can use them against your friends, enemies, or any world playing against you in the virtual world. No waiting, no lag, just play this multiplayer game. Features include: leaderboards to monitor your achievements, head to head play, virtual reality controls, high graphics with crunchy pixels, and many more to increase your fun.

Platform: iOS | Android

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