10 Apps Like GTA

Grand Theft Auto or simply GTA, is one of the best video games for PC that has been developed for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Xbox, OS X, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 (PSN), and Fire OS smartphones as well. The game was initially released on October 26, 2004 by Rockstar Games and has been developed by Rockstar North. The game is still so popular with all its charm that it has forced the games developers to designed the alternative of GTA: San Andreas. Following are the top Alternatives to GTA.

1. Gangstar: West Coast Hustle

First app that is like GTA is Gangstar: West Coast Hustle that is available for iOS, and Android smartphones platforms. It is about the life of gangstar. Explore his life with more realistic environments with a unique type of game experience. One of the best games that displays high level of 3D graphics. Play Gangstar and complete 50 different missions that are full of actions and driving.

PlatformiOS | Android

2. Payback

Next app that could be like Grand Theft Auto is Payback, an action game you have never heard about. One of the best crafted and well-designed arcade game for iOS smartphones. Payback is designed and by Apex Designs Entertainment Ltd and is regarded as the most addicting games in the Apple Store. Play Payback and travel through the various cities on vehicles and pedestrians and double your fun.

Platform:  iOS

3. Gangstar Vegas

Next best action adventure video game is Gangstar Vegas. It is developed by Gameloft for iOS and Android. It is hundred percent like GTA as like GTA, it has features of driving games, and 3rdperson shooters, and features “open world” action and adventure gameplay that enables the player to control more while playing and develop their playing experience as well. Play Gangstar Vegas and explore the world of gangsters.

Platform: iOS | Android

4. Xenome Episode 1

Xenome Episode 1 is a 3D action and MMORPG game that has been developed by Nine Pound Studios for iPhone and iPod Touch devices. It looks like different what you have experienced in GTA. It is one of the best 3D action, adventure, and real strategy playing game that will force you struggle for your survival in the game as you unravel the mystery of your purpose in the game.


5. Extreme Demolition

Extreme Demolition is one of the first demolition and action games that is available for multiplayers. Now the player of Extreme Demolition can use the fun of multiple tricks with their Dongy car. You power and upgradation of car will depend upon the destruction of your enemy, so destroy more and gain more. 3D based Extreme Demolition is available free for iOS and Android platforms.

PlatformiOS | Android

6. Gangstar: Miami Vindication

After Gangstar Vegas it is another development of Gameloft. Gangstar: Miami Vindication is an open-world action and adventure game that is based on the style of GTA and Gangster: West Coast Hustle and is also the 3rd game of the Gangstar series. Apple has declared it the “most immersive full3D simulation” ever on iPhone and iPod Touch.


7. Urban Crime

Urban Crime is another hallmark produced by Gameloft. Just one rule of playing this game. More destruction will bring more money, fame, power and features for you. One of the best 3D crime simulation game that is available free for both iOS and Android. It is one of the best GTA like apps. Play Urban Crime and become a genuine gangster and unlocked an endless variety of missions.

PlatformiOS | Android

8. Car Jack Streets: Directors Cut

Next app that is like GTA is Car Jack Streets: Directors Cut. It is developed by Tagplay. It is among those arcade and action games that are acclaimed high-octane action, driving, and crime games ever. The game that is being enjoyed by millions of players around the world. New features includes walk, drive, even fly to a huge impact of missions in 3D cities.


9. Gangstar Rio: City of Saints

Another app like GTA from the development house of Gameloft. It is Gangstar Rio: City of Saints that is an open world action adventure game like other games of Gameloft. It is the 4th Gangstar game in the Gangster series. It was most popular action game before its sequel Gangstar Vegas. Gangstar Rio: City of Saints is available for both iOS and Android.

PlatformiOS | Android

10. Miami Crime Simulator

Last best app that is like GTA is Miami Crime Simulator that has been developed by Mine Games Craft. Game has been released recently on May 28, 2015 and has been installed by millions player by now. This app is based on the action and adventuresome. However. Miami Crime Simulator is only available for Android smartphones.


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