10 More Apps Like Phase 10

Phase 10 is one of the best card games app for Android and iOS. It is considered as the one of the bestselling card games that is popular for last 30 years. It is deigned and created by Kenneth Johnson in 1982. The game is like as you are originally playing the card game. This game allows the playing of two to six players at a time with less than one minute for setup time and three minute per head for plying their turn. However, it is not the only card game. Following are the Alternatives to Phase 10.

1. Blackjack King

First in the list is ‘Blackjack King‘ that is the perfect substitute of Phase 10 and available for Android and iOS platforms. The Blackjack King has totally shattered the card games app world. You will be captivate by its marvelous graphics, seamless gameplay, more advanced features, 8 standard decks, and stylish and dashing avatars. The game whose thrill will never end. You can also share your score on Facebook and Twitter.

Platform: iOS | Android

2. Phase Out

Next best app that is like Phase 10 is ‘Phase Out‘. This app has been developed by Phineus Media. This card game app is only available for Android devices. It is a special rummy-type card game app that is based on Shanghai rummy. It features the fun-packed strategic and mind thrilling gameplay popularized by other commercial rummy adaptations like Phase 10. One of the best card games app that can be played by four players online.

Platform: Android

3. UNO & Friends

One of the best and classic card games app that is developed by Gameloft is none other but ‘UNO & Friends‘. Good news is that both Android and iOS users can enjoy this game. It is also the world’s most beloved and demanded card game app like Phase 10 and is available with new social media experience. You can play UNO & Friend with your friends, family members and millions of fans of UNO around the worldwide.

Platform: iOS | Android

4. XTreme 10 Phases

Next best card app that is similar to Phase 10 is ‘XTreme 10 Phases‘. It has been developed by Bivani IT-Studios. However, XTreme 10 Phases is only available for Android smartphone users. In free version, player can access all 10 steps of this amazing card game app. Base on the mindset of true human intelligence and that can’t be played by simply adopting some cheats. It requires a great deal to be handled.

Platform: Andriod

5. Skip-Bo

Skip-Bo is a classic family based card game app that is developed by Magmic Inc. Check why Skip-Bo is like Phase 10: It is to test your skills and talent. Keep an eye on your opponents players and play at the right time with perfect plan. Play three difficult levels and with nine challenging opponents and then tell if the Skip-Bo is like Phase 10 or not.

Platform: iOS | Android

6. Phase 10 Dice

Next perfect substitute of Phase 10 is ‘Phase 10 Dice‘ by Magmic Inc. Shake you mind the complex card game of Phase 10 Dice. No doubt! It is one of the best favorite and mind thrilling family card games. Features includes: integration of 3D graphics and animations, 4 type of game models, competition with three opponents, integration with Twitter and Facebook and many more.

Platform: iOS | Android

7. CrazyEights

CrazyEights‘ is one of the best classic addictive games apps that requires strategical mind and speed at the same time. CrazyEights is developed by LITE Games. It is built in the various features of UNO & Friends and Phase 10. If you want to emerge as a winner then you must be required to apply a real and cleverest strategy and a good hand as well.

PlatformiOS | Android

8. Skate LITE

Next tricky and same like game app of Phase 10 is ‘Skate LITE‘. It is developed by Ruben Gerlach. It is  one of the most popular card games in Germany  as well that is being played by over 20 million player. Features of Skate LITE includes strong computer opponents, French and German deck of cards and customization rules with Kontra, Re, Bock, and Ramsch.

Platform: iOS | Android

9. Scat 31 Free

Another card game app that is like Phase 10 is ‘Scat 31‘ Free that is developed by MKCM Software. One of the best classic card games that is addictive, fast and full with fun and thrill. It is a good pas time and very good reproduction of the card game. No doubt! It is a perfect recreation of the classic “Scat” game with a dashing look and multiplayer. However, this interesting card game is only available for iOS smartphones.

Platform: iOS

10. Kniffel

Next puzzle brain card game app is ‘Kniffel‘ that is developed by b-interaktive GmbH. It is the official version of the Schmidt Spiele classic. Kniffel is the name of exciting, thrilling and mind blowing dicing competition. This game is has been played by many p[people for last fourty years in various formats. This amazing card game is equally available for Android and iOS devices.

PlatformiOS | Android

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